Watch Dogs Release: Where to Buy for the Best Deals & Bonuses

Find out where to get your Watch Dogs Pre-Order to get the best deal and bonus items.

Where you buy Watch Dogs can mean the difference between starting off with a special outfit and a bonus weapon or starting the game as a better driver, ATM hacker or battery pack to double your hacks. There is even 60 minutes of extra game play and exclusive missions if you buy Watch Dogs for […]

U.S. Court Says No Garage Sales for Digital Content


U.S. District Court Judge Richard Sullivan delivered a ruling that favored Capitol Records in a case against MP3 digital music re-seller ReDigi. The case may be used as precedent in the future for other digital contents, including e-books, digital magazines, digital movies, digital TV shows, and apps. In his ruling Judge Sullivan says that it […]

Apple, Amazon Pave Way for Digital Garage Sale


The problem with owning digital media today, such as copies of TV shows, movies, e-books, and music through services like Amazon and iTunes, is that you cannot transfer ownership of your content to someone if you want to clean house. Thanks to two recent, but separate, patents filed by Apple and Amazon, this could all […]

Google TV Ventures Where Apple TV Dares Not: Porn


Adult entertainment channel Vivid announced that it would bring its steamy content to Google TV players to the living room, which was recently updated to the same Android Honeycomb platform that’s found on today’s latest Android tablets. While Apple tries to maintain a cleaner image, often times restricting adult content from appearing on its mobile […]

Cable TV Set-Top Boxes: The Real Motive Behind the Motorola Acquisition?


Various smartphone and general technology blogs and sites out there have explored the various implications of what Google’s announced $12.5 billion of Motorola Mobility may mean to the Android ecosystem from the smartphone and tablet perspective, but a key–and perhaps a growing arena–area that has not yet been talked much about is Motorola’s experience and […]

Fox Becomes First Studio to Allow Movie Sideloading on Android


Fox will offer digital downloads of movies that will be playable on Android smartphones, marking the film studio as the first in the industry to allow such a feature for Android devices. Digital downloads playable on Android devices will debut in October, and the first title available will be X-Men: First Class. The digital download […]

Zinio Brings Magazines to the Small Screen on Android


Zinio, which is a third-party digital magazine store much like Amazon Kindle is for e-books, is now bringing the e-magazine experience to Android smartphones. After having been available for larger screen Android Honeycomb tablets, users of smartphones can now readily take their digital magazines with them anywhere and everywhere they can take their Android smartphones. […]

Apple’s iTunes Digital Cloud Storage Won’t be Free


Early speculations about Apple’s digital cloud storage plans suggest that the service will launch for free initially, but that the iPhone-maker would eventually charge users a small annual fee for the service much like what it does with its cloud-based Mobile Me offering. According to Billboard, Apple may charge users around $20 a year for […]

New Apple Social-Centric MobileMe, Digital Locker Expected in Spring


While Apple has long been rumored to be building out a solution to offer customers a digital locker and enhanced social features, including photo streaming, through a new MobileMe and iTunes feature, there is now an anticipated date for when the revamped cloud-based service will launch. At its shareholder meeting during a Q&A session, Apple […]