How to Use the iPhone Flashlight

Learn how to use the iPhone flashlight.

You can turn use the iPhone flashlight to quickly light up your surroundings with the camera flash on any iPhone from the iPhone 4 up to the iPhone 5s using Control Center for fast access even when the iPhone is locked. With iOS 7 Apple added an official iPhone flashlight app that users can use from the […]

Easy Controller-Control Center Adds the iOS 7 Feature to Android

easy controller-control center for android

Many Android users may not like iOS 7 in general, but plenty of us love the new Control Center despite its security issues, so a developer quickly created a version for Android that works better than what Apple offers. Easy Controller-Control Center for Android slides up from the bottom of the screen and controls important settings […]

Stop iPhone Thieves from Exploiting Control Center in iOS 7


We’ve already seen a few security exploits pop up in iOS 7, some of which are fairly trivial and others can be pretty serious. However, another security concern has been discovered that’s been right in front of our eyes the whole time. Someone who steals your iPhone can easily prevent you from remote wiping it […]

How to Setup iOS 7 on iPhone & iPad (Video)

The iOS 7 GM download lets anyone with a supported device install IOS 7 early.

The iOS 7 update delivers a new user experience on the iPhone and iPad, offers a brand new look for Apple’s software as well as a number of new features. After you install the iOS 7 update, the iPhone will reboot and continue the final parts of installation before rebooting to a small iOS 7 […]

How to Use Control Center in iOS 7

Control Center in iOS 7 offers fast access to common settings. Here's how to use Control Center.

Control Center is a new iOS 7 feature that lets users quickly access a flashlight, common settings and apps from any screen on the iPhone or iPad, even when the device is locked. The Control Center feature is new for iOS 7 as an answer to complaints that turning on Do Not Disturb, Bluetooth and […]