Tim Cook: No iPad ‘Pro’ Model; Windows 8’s Idea of Convergence is Flawed


Responding to questions about why Apple has not released a more advanced version of the iPad slate running the company’s desktop-class OS X platform rather than the mobile-centric iOS platform, Apple CEO responded that such an idea of convergence leads to too many compromises. Compared to Apple rival Microsoft, which is standardizing its Windows 8 […]

Qualcomm’s Snapdragon S4 CPUs Will Help Smartphones Replace Game Consoles


We’ve already begun seeing the¬†cannibalization¬†of dedicated game consoles–like the Microsoft Xbox, Nintendo Wii, and Sony PlayStation–thanks to the emergence of cheap games on mobile smartphones and tablets that are readily available for consumption by the casual gaming. However, as mobile hardware becomes more powerful, Qualcomm predicts that new smartphones and tablets running its forthcoming Snapdragon […]

Game-changer! Android apps on Ubuntu

Android apps on Ubuntu

Word out of Ars Technica is Canonical, the commercial sponsor of Ubuntu, is developing a method to run mobile-type Android apps on desktop-type Ubuntu, as well as other flavors of Linux. Sounds great for anyone with an Android phone and Linux PC, which is a pretty narrow sliver of the population, but I think the […]