Corning Unveils Antimicrobial Gorilla Glass


We all love touch screens. I don’t think we all love the fact that touch screens can spread germs just like any surface we touch. That doesn’t stop us from swiping and pinching, but it would be nice to pinch germs out of the picture. Corning, the maker of Gorilla Glass, the tough material for […]

Samsung Acquires Stake in Corning and What It Means for the Galaxy S5


Samsung has recently acquired a 7.4% stake in smartphone and tablet Gorilla Glass maker Corning. A company which offers strengthened glass to protect the precious displays on our smartphones and tablets. Along with a long-term deal between the two, this will strengthen the partnership they both have, as well as lead to possibilities in the […]

iPhone Glass Supplier Claims Bendable Willow Glass Still 3-Years Away


Corning, which has become a household name among smartphone enthusiasts with its Gorilla Glass and a supplier of the chemically strengthened glass for Apple’s iPhone, is now saying that the flexible and bendable Willow glass is still some three years away from mass market viability. Corning’s Willow glass with its flexible properties could open the doors […]

Corning Announces Gorilla Glass 3


At CES Corning announced the newest version of its Gorilla Glass which will come to most smartphones and tablets over the next year. The new Corning Gorilla Glass 3 uses a new composition of glass down to the atom level, which makes the glass more durable than previous versions of Gorilla Glass. Corning claims Gorilla […]

Corning Announces Gorilla Glass 3 for Better Scratch Resistance


On the year anniversary of Corning introducing us with Gorilla Glass 2, it appears that it had worked hard to bring even additional improvements to the scratch-resistant glass and is now bringing us Gorilla Glass 3. The third-generation of smartphone and tablet glass, which will be announced next week at the Consumer Electronics Show in […]

Samsung Announces Gorilla Glass 2 Present on Galaxy S III


It looks like Samsung is once again turning back to Corning for Gorilla Glass on its flagship smartphone following customer complaints and confusion as to why the scratch-resistant and durable glass was not present on the Google-branded Samsung Galaxy Nexus smartphone. The company announced that Gorilla Glass 2 will indeed by present on the Galaxy […]

Corning Visualizes Our Glass Future: Tablets & Huge Displays (Video)

Augmented Reality Transparent Tablet

You might know Corning for their Gorilla Glass and Gorilla Glass 2 that provide great durability to your smartphone and tablet displays, but Corning makes much more than tablet glass. In this new video, Corning envisions the future, specifically the role smart glass will have in your day-to-day life. In A Day Made of Glass […]

Gorilla Glass 2: Stronger, Thinner, On the Way Soon (Video)

Gorilla Glass 2

Last night, we were introduced to the new version of Gorilla Glass, dubbed Gorilla Glass 2, which maker Corning showed off for the first time last night at CES 2012. And while we still don’t know exactly when it will be making its way to mobile devices, we were still able to find out some […]

Corning to Unveil Next-Gen Gorilla Glass 2 at CES


Corning’s Gorilla Glass has become somewhat synonymous with the touchscreen smartphone and tablet market. Thanks to its durability, manufacturers of mobile devices have marketed their devices to include Gorilla Glass in the past, and quite a few consumers are aware of the durable glass for touchscreens and know the brand by name. Well, Corning isn’t quite sitting […]

Corning’s Lotus Glass Capable of Higher Resolutions

lotus flower By Sistak on Flickr

Corning announced their next generation display glass for mobile tech this week, dubbing it Lotus and not, say, Gorilla 2. This new glass will withstand higher temperatures in the manufacturing process and allow for higher resolution displays and tighter design rules. That may indicate thinner phones in the future, and more resolution is usually welcome. […]

Samsung Galaxy Nexus Won’t Have Gorilla Glass

Galaxy Nexus

In what will probably be a little bit of a disappointment for some of you looking to get the Samsung Galaxy Nexus on Verizon (or AT&T and Sprint), Corning, the maker of Gorilla Glass, has confirmed via Twitter that its damage resistant screen technology will not be found on the upcoming Android 4.0 powered Nexus. […]

Is Apple Planning a Curved Glass iPhone for 2012?

curved display

We haven’t seen the iPhone 5 yet, but Apple is reportedly working on a new iOS device with a curved glass screen. The reports claim that this could be a new iPhone or a new iPad, but this isn’t a feature we expect to see on the iPhone 5, which we expect to be announced […]

Gorilla Glass Gets Competitor in Form of Asahi’s Dragontrail Glass


Current market leader for virtually scratch-proof, break-proof, and shatter-proof glass Gorilla Glass, made by Corning, will soon get a competitor from Japan’s Asahi Glass known as Dragontrail. Asahi Glass hopes to capture up to 30 percent of the glass market, and Dragontrail can potentially be seen shipping on smartphones, tablets, and other consumer electronics. Because […]