Paper for iPad Attempts to Emulate Pen and Paper


Paper is a new iPad app that tries to bring the feeling of taking notes and sketching on paper to the iPad. Like the team that released the much-anticipated Tapose’ app for the Apple iPad this week to mixed reviews, Paper is from former Microsoft Courier team members. Like Tapose’, Paper disappoints The app looks beautiful and the onscreen inking flows elegantly. […]

Part 2 of How Microsoft Killed the Courier Tablet

Microsoft Courier Tablet PC – Fresh Look (7)

Yesterday we linked to Jay Greene’s CNet post that offered up some background on how Microsoft made the decision to end the life of the Courier Tablet. As promised Greene has a part 2 up today. Both posts make for good reading, although Part 2 is more about the background and the differences between J […]

How Microsoft Killed the Courier Tablet

Microsoft Courier Tablet PC – Fresh Look (7)

Remember the Courier? Perhaps the single most exciting concept that many thought was going to come out of Microsoft since, well, since the original Tablet PC. OK, Tablet PC folk thought that about the original Tablet PC but many others didn’t. But the thinking was different for the Courier. When Gizmodo broke the story about […]

Mobile PC Visionary Otto Berkes Leaving Microsoft

Photo courtesy Microsoft

Though he’s probably best known as one of the original XBox founders, Otto Berkes was a key figure in the Tablet and Mobile PC world. Yesterday, he announced his departure from Microsoft, leaving a big tablet-shaped hole in their brain pool. Brier Dudley of The Seattle Times broke the news. As lead developer on Origami […]

Microsoft Research presents paper on Simultaneous Pen + Touch


Mary-Jo Foley at ZDNet reports that the Microsoft Research team behind Manual Deskterity is presenting the white paper on their work on Simultaneous Pen + Touch at the ACM Symposium on User Interface Software and Technology. As you may recall but likely have forgotten, the team released a video preview of their work back in […]

Microsoft Prepping Shakeup for Games, Mobile Phones


Last week Mary Jo Foley hinted that J Allard the man behind Microsoft’s XBox, and who was also behind Microsoft Courier, was none too happy with the cancellation of that device and might be headed out of the company. Today the Wall St. Journal is sort of quasi confirming that story saying Microsoft is prepping […]

Microsoft has no tablets… not counting Tablet PCs and UMPCs


The double hit of news that both Courier and the HP Slate are not on the schedule has led to rampant speculation about where this leaves Microsoft now that they have NO tablet prospects. None, zero, zilch, not a tablet to their name according to the reports. Excuse me while I scream.

Gizmodo Reporting Microsoft is Canceling Courier


According to a Gizmodo report, Microsoft is canceling the Courier Tablet project. Gizmodo apparently confirmed the is with Microsoft as quoted below. We contacted Microsoft, who confirmed that Courier will not go into production. Microsoft Corporate VP of Communications Frank Shaw told us: At any given time, we’re looking at new ideas, investigating, testing, incubating […]

Misleading Courier Photo Reveals My Years of Deception


Larry O’Brien of Knowing .NET has taken to task the main photo from the latest Courier sneak peek, calling it “misleading” and pointing out that the writing shown on the screen could not have been written at that size. He went so far as to sector the screen and determine that the lettering was only […]

Poll: Where Are You Spending Your Tablet Allowance?


Apple’s iPad is being released in just a few weeks. There’s new news on Microsoft Courier. Heavy Tablet PC hitters Lenovo and HP have weighed in with updates to existing Tablet PCs that are top of the line. Hanvon and countless others are readying Tablets. They all cost money and their are still big unknowns […]

Microsoft to Debut Mobile Surface


Mary Jo Foley is reporting that Microsoft is getting ready to show off a sort of mobile version of Microsoft Surface, that Microsoft is calling Mobile Surface. This is being shown at an employee-0nly Microsoft Research showcase, but some reporters have seen it in action. The idea is to hook up a mobile phone with […]

Insight on tablet interface misses the mark

An article on Gizmodo describes the current approaches to tablet design as wrong-headed and breaks them into two camps, making phones bigger and making PCs smaller. It’s actually a good read and receiving many positive comments. Unfortunately the two approaches being described don’t line up very well with what’s actually happening, and the whole thing […]

Lusting for Courier, Remembering Codex


Everyone is justifiably excited by Courier, the new Tablet concept that is all over the Internet. As we, and many others have pointed out this looks like it sprang from the mind of Ken Hinckley of Microsoft Research and his Codex project, featuring two OQO’s bound together by a case.  Ken is famous in Tablet […]

Is Courier Microsoft’s New Tablet?


Gizmodo is running with some very interesting information including an non-embeddable video about Courier, which is what they claim are the first details of Microsoft’s new Tablet. Dual screen and separated by a hinge,it is built for multi-touch and the pen. Here’s a quote: Courier is a real device, and we’ve heard that it’s in […]