Apple Sued Over Automatic iOS 7 Update Downloads


A California man has sued Apple over the automatic downloading of the iOS 7 update onto his and his family’s iOS devices. He claims that his devices are downloading the iOS 7 update automatically without his permission, and while the update doesn’t install automatically, the download takes up several gigabytes of space on his devices. […]

Apple Seeks Ban on 8 Samsung Phones in the U.S.

Apple Samsung smartphone ban

Following the jury verdict on Friday today Apple announced which Samsung phones it wants to ban in the U.S. market. According to The Verge, Apple is asking the court to ban a total of eight Samsung devices. The number is just a small selection of the dozens of phones included in the lawsuit, but unlike […]

Apple Wins a Battle in the Patent War With HTC

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Recently Apple went after HTC for supposedly violating ten of its patents related to smartphones and tablets. Today Apple got an initial victory in that patent dispute, according to Business Insider. What kind of ramifications will this have for the smartphone industry? It’s reported that the International Trade Commission found two of the ten patents […]

Samsung Responds to Apple with Its Own Lawsuit Claims


Former friend, now foe, Samsung has filed a lawsuit against Apple following Apple’s lawsuit against the Korean giant for patent infringement. The suit, however, isn’t directly in response to Apple’s lawsuit, which alleges Samsung had infringed on the design and OS look of its products with the Galaxy line of smartphones and tablets. Instead, Samsung’s […]