Will Microsoft Buy NVIDIA to Create Proprietary Chips for Windows 8?


As Microsoft pushes ahead to try to maintain competitiveness in the tablet game by making sure that the hardware and software are more integrated to have tighter control of the user experience, the company may be eying an acquisition of chipset-maker NVIDIA, whose dual-core Tegra 2 was believed to be the reference platform for Android […]

Qualcomm: Dual-Core ARM Snapdragon CPUs Will Outperform Quad-Core Rivals


At the Qualcomm-hosted Uplinq conference in San Diego, California, Qualcomm was upbeat and optimistic about its Snapdragon chipset. The company says that its dual-core Snapdragon are efficient enough that it will out-perform quad-core offerings from rivals. Though company senior VP Rob Chandhok didn’t mention any rivals by name, he cites Qualcomm’s implementation of asynchronous processing […]

TI Announces Multi-Core ARM OMAP 4 Chipset for Windows, Android Tablets


In addition to Qualcomm’s quad-core Snapdragon coming early 2012 and NVIDIA demoing Kal-El running Windows 8, Texas Instruments’ multi-core chipset will be competitive with its rivals’ quad-core offerings using a hybrid architecture that will lead to better energy efficiency and lower power consumption. The TI OMAP4470 chip is expected to land in the first half […]

Adobe Leans on Qualcomm for Flash Optimization on Snapdragon


Adobe had announced at the San Diego, California Qualcomm-hosted Uplinq conference that it has partnered together with the chip-maker to bring better Flash optimizations to devices running on the Snapdragon chipsets. Those optimizations will be found mostly on mid-tier and high-end Android smartphones, such as those from HTC, Sony Ericsson, LG, and others. These optimizations […]

Microsoft Details Stringent Specs Required of Windows 8 Tablets


At the All Things D conference earlier, Microsoft had announced and demoed basic features behind the Windows 8 user interface, showing off the new Live Tiles UI and HTML5 and Javascript apps, but the company left some lingering questions unanswered about its strategy and how it hopes to compete with always-on operating systems like iOS, […]

Qualcomm: Quad-Core Snapdragon Coming Early 2012


While Qualcomm CEO Dr. Paul Jacobs was being coy about the exact timing of the release of company’s quad-core ARM-based CPU at the Qualcomm Uplinq conference, the company managed to release some details about its next-generation Snapdragon CPUs at Computex in Taiwan in relation to the new Windows 8 announcement. According to Qualcomm, we’ll begin […]

Texas Instruments the Preferred Chip-Maker for Google’s Ice Cream Sandwich?


There is now speculation that Google is dumping NVIDIA, whose dual-core chipset helped to shape Android 3.0 Honeycomb, in favor of Texas Instruments for its Ice Cream Sandwich platform, which will begin the process of merging the tablet and smartphone editions of Android into one platform. The company’s OMAP 4 chip will be the reference […]

Will Your Next Netbook Come with ARM Inside?


Having conquered the smartphone market and emerging consumer tablet market with its reference chip designs, ARM is looking towards the mobile PC market for growth and the company’s ambitious goal is to have its chips inside half of all mobile PCs sold by 2015. ARM’s reference chip designs are found in many popular consumer products, […]

Acer to Introduce New Intel-Powered Android Honeycomb Tablet at Computex?


While Asus is teasing its own phone-pad hybrid, rival Acer may be releasing an Intel Atom-based tablet running the Android Honeycomb platform at Computex next week. The tablet would bear a 10-inch form factor and would utilize Intel’s Oak Trail chips, which is based on the Atom processor line. Acer would be among the first […]

Microsoft: Intel’s Windows 8 Statements Were Wrong


After Intel had released claims that there will be four different variations of the forthcoming desktop-class Windows 8 operating system for ARM devices, and that the apps on the ARM variants aren’t compatible with each other, Microsoft is saying that its traditional x86 partner is wrong, though the Redmond, Washington software giant did not give […]

Smartphones With ‘Intel Inside’ Coming 2012


After announcing that Intel and its partners will be showing off tablets with Intel Atom-based processors at the Computex trade show at the end of this month, Intel has also announced that smartphones running the company’s chips may appear as soon as 2012. CEO Paul Otellini denies rumors that the company may once again turn […]

Intel: 10 New Tablets Running Intel Chips Coming to Computex


Intel is promising that 10 new tablets will be arriving and debuting at the Computex trade show in Taiwan later this year that will run on its Atom-based chips in the latest battle against ARM in the mobile space. The move will see placement of Oak Trail processors, which is built on the Atom platform, […]

Benchmark Confirms Unreleased Motorola Droid 3 Specs


Early benchmarks on the Nenamark benchmarking site confirms some preliminary specs of the upcoming, yet unreleased Motorola Droid 3 smartphone destined for Verizon Wireless. The Android smartphone was shown by the benchmark to come with a PowerVR SGX540 graphics processor, suggesting that it would be arriving a dual-core gigahertz applications processor by Texas Instruments, and […]

Sharp Launches Aquos Android Smartphone with 3D, qHD Display

aquos2 Sharp Aquos SH 12C Android, 1.4 GHz, 4

Taking on the HTC EVO 3D, Sharp will be providing Japanese residents a 3D-capable smartphone in the form of the Aquos Android phone. Curiously, though as Sharp is the maker of the EVO 3D’s qHD glasses-free 3D display, the Aquos phone actually ships sans 3D screen. It does however have the same qHD resolution display […]

Intel Will Power MacBooks for the Foreseeable Future

Apple not switching to ARM

Last week we reported on a rumor that Apple would be ditching Intel processors for the competing ARM processors, a move similar to the Apple’s jump from PowerPC processors to Intel in 2006. The rumor was met with some som skepticism, but not┬ácompletely┬áruled out as it would have provided Apple with something the company loves […]

NVIDIA Eyes Qualcomm with Icera Acquisition


NVIDIA has its eyes set on mobile as the Tegra 2-chip-maker is hoping to integrate more features into its smartphone CPU through the recent announcement of the Icera acquisition. Icera, a UK-based company, develops 3G and 4G baseband processors for use in phones and modems, and is said to be more efficient than those coming […]