Samsung Dual-Core Mobile Orion CPU Now Called Exynos


Samsung has unveiled the branding off of the company’s dual-core 1.0 GHz mobile processor, which will compete with the NVIDIA Tegra 2 chipset and those from Qualcomm, Texas Instruments, and others. Previously rumored and known as the Orion processor, Samsung’s mobile solution is called Exynos, derived from the Greek words exypnos–smart–and prasinos–green–highlighting the company’s smart […]

T-Mobile USA Doesn’t Deny HTC Pyramid Smartphone on Twitter


Last week, rumors were circulating on the Internet about an HTC Pyramid smartphone, which would bring much improved specs to the HTC Android experience to T-Mobile USA. The leaked specs for the Pyramid indicate that the Android smartphone would have a dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor clocked at 1.2 GHz, a 4.3-inch display that is becoming […]

Next-Gen PlayStation Portable to Have Quad-Core ARM CPU, Quad-Core GPU


As the world looks on to the future of mobile processing beyond dual-core CPUs that are starting to make their way into products such as the Motorola Atrix 4G and the Xoom tablet, Sony has just announced that its next-generation PlayStation Portable (PSP) gaming platform will be sporting a quad-core processor along with powerful quad-core […]

Tegra 3 Going Quad-Core Later This Year with HD Display Support


Along with going 3D for its Tegra 2 processors in Spring, NVIDIA will be upping the mobile processing ante with a quad-core Tegra 3 release come this fall according to a leaked slide revealing the company’s roadmap obtained by Engadget. The leak isn’t surprising as the company had previously already alluded to quad-core mobile processors […]

NVIDIA’s Tegra 2 Goes 3D in Spring 2011


With 3D displays and screens still attracting a lot of attention, especially on the smaller screen, NVIDIA is positioning itself to capitalize on the emerging market with its mobile chipsets. The dual-core ARM Cortex A9-based Tegra 2 will add 3D capabilities come this Spring according to a leaked slide from Tech Eye. The company’s Tegra […]

Will NVIDIA Announce a Quad-Core Tegra 3 CPU at MWC?


In an interview with NVIDIA’s Tegra general manager Mike Rayfield with Hexus, the launch date for the next-generation Tegra 3 chipset was revealed. Though Rayfield didn’t mention an exact date, he did say “It will be in production around the same time as my competitors’ first dual-cores will.” In the past, NVIDIA has stated that […]

Apple’s Next-Gen A4 CPU to Grace iPad 2, iPhone 5 with Dual-Core Computing


Apple is expected to unveil its next-generation system on a chip (SoC) design that will succeed the company’s proprietary A4 processor in its next-generation mobile computing products, including the next iPad and iPhone. The chip itself may also make it into Apple TV, which at this time shares its A4 processor with the iPhone, and […]

Acer ICONIA Tab to Launch with 4G LTE on Verizon


Acer today announced at CES that its ICONIA Tab A500 will be a 4G LTE tablet that will debut on Verizon Wireless’s nascent 4G network. The gaming and mobile-centric 10.1-inch slate will run Android OS and have a user interface layer on top called Acer UI 4.5. It will support HD playback and comes with […]

AMD Fusion Making Waves at CES 2011


We’ve heard quite a bit about APUs over the past couple of years, so it’s nice to finally see living, breathing products that are built around AMD’s Fusion technology. We’ve seen a handful of 11.6″ notebooks featuring Fusion in the days and weeks leading up to CES 2011, but we had no idea exactly how […]

Android Honeycomb Tablet to Require Dual-Core CPU, 720p Display?


Reports from tablet manufacturers wishing to implement Google’s tablet-optimized version of the Android operating system, also known as Honeycomb, indicate that Google may have minimum requirements to create the optimal tablet user experience. According to Phandroid, those requirements may include a dual-core processor and a screen resolution of 1280 X 720, making the tablet display […]

AMD to Enter Tablet Market with Deccan APU Mobile Chipset

Logo Advanced Micro Devices AMD

Chip-maker AMD is looking to enter the tablet and netbook business by providing the processor (CPU) and graphics (GPU) capabilities through the Deccan APU, or accelerated processing unit, platform. AMD’s Deccan APU will most notably compete against rival Intel’s Atom-based processors. Intel’s Oak Trail platform is expected to make an entry into the netbook, tablet, […]

MSI 10-Inch Windows Tablet Coming January or February


According to a DigiTimes report, MSI may be launching its Windows-based WindPad tablet in January or February, ahead of plans for the company’s Android-based tablets that are slated for an April or May launch. Unlike the Android tablet models, the Windows WindPad from MSI will favor Intel’s Atom-based Oak Trail processor over an ARM-based CPU. […]

Tegra 2 a Reference Design with Android 3.0 Honeycomb Tablets


Barron’s reports that an analyst believes that NVIDIA’s dual-core ARM Cortex A9-based Tegra 2 chipset will be the reference design for Google’s first tablet-optimized version of the Android operating system called Android 3.0, otherwise referred to as Honeycomb. The news was not comfirmed by Google, though this report may be plausible as NVIDIA is among […]

Kinpad Android Tablet Uses an AMD GPU


Kinpad is trying to differentiate itself from a number of tablets coming out of China by utilizing a graphics core from AMD. The 7-inch capacitive touchscreen tablet retails for $400, and unlike the U.S. variants of Samsung’s Galaxy Tab tablets also features voice calls and SMS messaging, and runs on Google’s Android 2.2 Froyo operating […]

Samsung Buys Tegra 2 Chips, a Sign that Orion CPUs Not Yet Ready?


In addition to news coming from Samsung Telecommunications chief JK Shin that the company will be releasing a 7- and 10-inch slate, which was previously speculated before on the Internet, and tablets running on Google’s tablet-optimized Android 3.0 Honeycomb operating system, the company is in the midst of acquiring NVIDIA’s Tegra 2 processors. News of […]

TI OMAP 4440 CPU Joins Mobile Processor Arms Race


The Texas Instruments OMAP 4440 chipset is a dual-core 1.5 GHz mobile processor that is based on the ARM Cortex A9 reference design, which is also found on chips such as the Samsung Orion and dual-core Snapdragon among others. In the past, single-core TI OMAP processors have been used by Motorola on smartphones such as […]

NVIDIA Says Quad-Core Mobile CPUs Coming in ‘Near Future’


NVIDIA, the maker of the dual-core Tegra 2 chips that are beginning to gain momentum in the high-end smartphone and tablet market, is saying that dual-core chips for mobile will become the standard in 2011 and that quad-core solutions will be available in the near future. The company had announced aggressive plans for its Tegra […]