Microsoft to Charge Users For CRAPWARE Free PCs

Microsoft Signature

I’m going to go a bit into rant mode here, so be warned. Yesterday, Walt Mossberg highlighted an initiative by Microsoft. The gist of this initiative is simple. If you buy a new Windows PC and want all of the CRAPWARE that might be included on it removed, Microsoft will do that for you for […]

Coining a term: mobile crapware = CRAPPS


A topic that’s been bubbling up in my feeds lately is that of crapware on mobile phones. Previously, I questioned whether smartphones would grow into a breeding ground for these unnecessary applications. The answer thus far is not positive.

Are Smartphones the New Breeding Ground for Crapware?


A complaint filed with Verizon was cc’d to The Consumerist regarding what the complainant believes to be unnecessary software pre-loaded on to his Droid Incredible. We here would call that “crapware”. The plaintiff uses much harsher language.