JooJoo tablet hacked with Windows 7 Embedded


We knew Microsoft had plans to run Windows 7 Embedded on tablets. Well, a die-hard member of the JooJoo forum has it running on his JooJoo tablet with a mere 4GB SSD and 1GB of memory, and it’s running pretty smoothly. Still working on driver support, notably accelerometer and 3G, but forum member darkdavy shows […]

April Fools Starts Early: DIY Crunchpad from TechCrunch

Introducing The Do-It-Yourself CrunchPad Kit [Video]

Michael Arrington is having some fun a few hours before April Fools Day, offering up a DIY Crunchpad kit. This is full of slaps at FusionGarage and the JooJoo and even one ups Dell’s Tablet with a chain saw video. The screen overlay is “highly toxic” as is the joke. But still lots of fun. […]

Bad JooJoo: The Other Side of the Crunchpad Saga Speaks and It Gets Weirder


Well,  the Internet Tablet formerly known as the Crunchpad is now heading to market powered only by Fusion Garage, the company that Michael Arrington’s TechCrunch was partnering with. In a press conference today, Fusion Garage CEO Chandra Rathakrishnan tried to make clear his vision of why the split happened and also pump up the noise […]

The CrunchPad Saga Adventure Continues To Fascinate


Well, well, well. It looks like an interesting story just got more interesting. Chandra Rathakrishnan the CEO of Fusion Garage, the company making the Crunchpad is going to unveil it in front of reporters on Monday. He’s also going to tell his side of the story of how the TechCrunch/Fusion Garage divorce happened. Certainly this […]

The Crunchpad Crashes and Burns


This will go down as a legend most assuredly. The Crunchpad is not to be. I’ll let Michael Arrington speak as to why: Our plan was to debut the CrunchPad on stage at the Real-Time Crunchup event on November 20, a little over a week ago. We even hoped to have devices hacked together with […]

Update on the Crunchpad

Mike Arrington appeared on the Gilmore Gang and gave a quick update on the CrunchPad. Arrington says his costs are in the high $200 range and will sell for $300 to $400. “The CrunchPad is steam-rolling along,” Arrington said. “Costs keep coming down. We’ve been working entirely on the software for the past month, trying […]

CrunchPad Feeling the Cost Crunch?

Silicon Alley Insider is reporting that Mike Arrington’s CrunchPad tablet may have run into delays due to cost problems. One story we heard from a few people on a recent trip to California is that the CrunchPad is supposedly being delayed — perhaps indefinitely — by increasing expenses. Really? So that wacky price estimate of […]

What’s The Crunchpad Guy Doing Pushing Apple Tablet Stuff?


Curious. We haven’t heard much from Mike Arrington on the Crunchpad in awhile, but this morning on TechCrunch he’s showing off an exclusive picture or two of an early Apple Tablet called the Pen Tablet. This dates back to pre-Newton days. Call it more fodder for the over hyped Apple Tablet grist mill. But what […]

Applet Tablet Speculation: Can We Create a Market Out of This?

Maybe there is some way to improve the economy out of all of this Apple Tablet speculation. I mean, betting on futures is a big part of Wall Street is it not? But seriously, this morning’s news says some interesting things about a possible Apple Tablet and tech coverage. NY Times executive editor Bill Keller […]

Forget CrunchPad, Meet InkPad


My daily routine is centered around a paper tablet.  I keep track of my to-do items, record important notes, and write down new ideas.  I love having the ability to write things down as they enter my mind and simply flipping back a few pages to remember what I did the day before.  My reliance […]

The Incredible Shrinking Apple Tablet Rumor

As predicted last week, it didn’t take long for new Apple Tablet rumors to surface. Now we’re hearing that the device will have a smaller screen (9.6 inches instead of 10 or greater) and cost between $799 and $999. We’re also hearing in this latest round of rumors that AT&T will be the 3G carrier. […]

Why I’ll Pass on the Apple Tablet


You may have read how I believe the upcoming Apple Tablet or CrunchPad would be an excellent tool for K-12 students. While I do believe these tablet devices could have a significant positive impact on the realm of education, I don’t plan on purchasing one for my personal use. Here’s why: What can it do […]

Tablet 2.0: An Open Market for Education


The upcoming tablet devices from Steve Jobs and Michael Arrington’s crews have the potential to greatly impact how people interact with digital media and the Internet.  Aside from being easy-to-use Internet companions and multimedia centers, these two devices could reshape the way teachers teach and students learn.  Much different than what we traditionally think of […]

BestBuyCMO: CrunchPad Will Be a Hit! Oh Yeah!


The Twitter Tracker at Silicon Alley Insider is not as entertaining as the one from The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien (Twitter Tracker! Oh Yeah!), but it’s, what’s the word, useful. They grabbed this gem from BestBuyCMO (that’s the chief marketing officer of Best Buy, Barry Judge) who claims to have just met with the […]

Who Wants a Tablet Anyway?


A few arguments are developing over the upcoming generation of entertainment-focused tablet devices: Are these niche products?   Should we even refer to them as Tablets?   The folks over at Unplggd are asking readers whether an Apple tablet device has mass appeal and true functionality.   The post is summed up with this quote, […]

Can We Stop Calling Upcoming Tablets Tablet? Now. Please.


Apple Tablets, Dell Tablets, Crunchpad Tablets. Tablets, Tablets, Tablets. Rumors. Rumors. Rumors. We have more rumors about more Tablets everyday now it seems. The rumors have become so plentiful that they have become like currency, so much so that they are sparking posts and commentary about why we do and why we don’t need them, […]

CrunchPad Aiming for November Release


Looks like Fusion Garage wants to get some press out about the CrunchPad. This article in the Straits Times doesn’t really yield any info on specs that we haven’t already heard,except that there will be no on board storage,   but the article does say the Fusion Garage folks are on track for a November […]