Verizon Joining AT&T in Thwarting Illegal Tethering


After AT&T had announced that it would be sending out notices to iPhone owners and taking action against those who are now illegally tethering without an approved plan–in the interest of fairness, as the carrier claims–it appears that long-time rival carrier Verizon Wireless will also be doing the same and joining AT&T on its quest […]

Why Tiered Data Scares the Kilobytes Out of Me


The current industry trend is to move towards tiered data plans, but the scary news is this isn’t limited to our smartphones and mobile hotspots. No, it’s also aimed at restricting our in home use from services like Comcast. Data caps may seem quite high when you are looking at them in the store, and […]

Sprint Hanging On to Unlimited Data Plans for As Long As Possible


With larger rivals AT&T and Verizon Wireless having already moved onto metered data plans, Sprint is looking to maintain its unlimited data offering for smartphones for as long as possible. In an interview with Engadget at Sprint’s Overland Park, Kansas headquarters, Sprint CEO Dan Hesse says that he wants to offer something simple, and that […]

Verizon Maintains Unlimited Prepaid Smartphone Data for $30 Per Month


If you’re a heavy data user and not quite the gabber when it comes to your smartphone, the good news is that a pre-paid plan may be worth the consideration as the carrier is still keeping its unlimited data plans for prepaid subscribers at $30 per month. Unfortunately, post-paid customers who subscribe on or after […]

Analyst Blames Slow Tablet Sales on High Cost of 3G Data Plans


IDG Analyst Bob O’Donnell blamed the slow sales of 3G-enabled tablets on the high cost of 3G data plans for those devices. O’Donnell says that hundreds of thousands of 3G-enabled tablets are sitting on store shelves unsold because consumers preferred purchasing WiFi tablets, instead, which are both cheaper and don’t require a mobile broadband data […]

After Unlimited Data Era, Will AT&T’s Shared Data Plans Be Fair?


At the All Things D conference, AT&T CEO Ralph de la Vega announced that the company will eventually move to a shared data plan, otherwise known as a family data plan. Last June, right before the iPhone 4 launched, the carrier had terminated unlimited smartphone data plans. While it still grandfathered in existing customers to […]

Verizon Cuts Off Data to Unauthorized Tether Users


Verizon Wireless may be following rival AT&T in making it difficult for users who do not subscribe to an official tethering plan, valued at $20 per month for 2 GB of data, to unofficially connect their WiFi-enabled laptop to share their Android smartphone’s mobile broadband connection. One user noted that his data connection was blocked […]

T-Mobile Announces New Unlimited Plans


T-Mobile has announced a series of new unlimited data plans with one set aimed at individuals who don’t like signing up for contracts and the other aimed at families who chew through lots of data. The company’s new no-contract plans, called “Monthly 4G”, are for individuals and T-Mobile is offering two different options, both of […]

T-Mobile to Launch 2 GB Mobile Broadband Plan for Modems, Tablets


According to a leak, T-Mobile USA may launch a 2 GB mobile broadband plan this Thursday for tablets, USB modems, and wireless mobile routers. The plan will cost $40, or $32 with a voice plan. According to TmoNews, the carrier may also introduce another change to the carrier’s cheapest $30 mobile broadband data plan offering, […]

T-Mobile Cancels Even More Plus Unlimited Plan

T-Mobile Cancels Even More Plus

For reasons unknown, T-Mobile has gone ahead and canceled the $59.99 Even More Plus unlimited data plan that was thought to be included in the carrier’s new unlimited plan roll out. Yesterday, T-Mobile announced that it was going to start offering 2 new unlimited data plans to customers starting today, a $59.99 option that would […]

T-Mobile Announces New Unlimited Data Plans


T-Mobile has announced two brand new unlimited data plans that will go into effect starting tomorrow. The carrier has introduced the $79.99 Even More plan and a $59.99 Even More Plus plan which both include unlimited text, talk and data. The Even More plan will require a new two-year contract while the Even More Plus […]

T-Mobile Announces New webConnect Mobile Broadband Data Plans


As we had previously reported, T-Mobile has gone ahead and taken the wraps off of the carrier’s new webConnect mobile broadband data packages, which will be compatible with USB modems, tablets, and mobile broadband routers like the MiFi when those devices launch. Pricing seems to be the same as the rumored leaks from the past, […]

New T-Mobile Data Plans for Data Devices Coming March 13


A leaked screenshot shows T-Mobile will be offering a larger 10 GB per month data plan on March 13th in addition to other changes, including a 20% data discount if bundled with a voice plan. The leak, originally reported on TmoNews, outlines that the carrier will not be charging overages on its Even More webConnect […]

Why I’m Getting an iPad 3G, But Not a Data Plan


With the release of the iPad 2 coming March 11 there are some decisions to make for potential buyers. White or Black? 16, 32 or 64GB? 3G or Wi-Fi? The first two depend on your preference and storage needs. That might be a simple question to answer for most people. The third one may be […]

Verizon Now Subsidizing Galaxy Tab with 2-year Contract


When the Galaxy Tab was launched on Verizon, the carrier, like rival AT&T, was one of two to offer the tablet offering only a contract-free offering. While this mean that you can activate and cancel your mobile broadband data at any time, and re-activate data without penalties, it also means that users will have to […]