Apple Plays the Privacy Card to Swipe At Google at WWDC

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Since the dawn of the iPhone (and even before) Apple has always taken security and privacy seriously. So much so that it has repeatedly stated that protecting your data on its devices is one of the main reasons it sandboxes Apps from each other. Whether that bad behavior is just from a misbehaving App or […]

Sundar Pichai: No Guarantee Android Designed to be Safe


There’s a reason that PR professionals exist. There are more reasons than there are PR professionals why they develop cold sweats when company executives speak in public. A slip of the tongue, a wrong word here or there, and perhaps even more damaging-the truth-can send carefully constructed messaging into a tail spin. The truth needs […]

BlackPhone is Supposedly the NSA Proof Phone


We’re all a little more aware of data security and privacy issues these days thanks to the NSA and folks like Edward Snowden telling us about the surveillance technologies that most thinking people have suspected for quite some time. But is that stopping the consuming public from buying smartphones that come with this sort of […]

Apple Issues DROPOUTJEEP Denial as Expected, But Questions Remain


I’m not sure which is the most troubling part of this story. A company like Apple potentially being complicit with the NSA in order to install a backdoor into its products, or a company like Apple creating, marketing, and selling devices and services that they aren’t aware have surveillance back doors. After the latest info […]

2013 Story of the Year Was Data Security and Privacy


In some years the story of the year is the story of something that happened, was remarked on, and passed into history. In 2013, the big story is not only that, but a story that will be with us going forward in ways that we’re just beginning to understand and come to grips with. The […]

Target Credit Card Theft Big Topic of Holiday Conversation


Here’s hoping everyone who celebrates Christmas had a wonderful day yesterday or has wonderful days ahead as many are still traveling to and from celebration destinations. One of the great things about any holiday season is the chance to check in with friends and family about what’s going on in their lives and what’s important […]

Target Offers Apology and 10% Discount as Stolen Cards Flood Market


I sure wouldn’t want to be an upper level employee with Target this holiday season dealing with the ramifications from the recently reported credit card theft that hit the retailer. With potentially 40 million credit card numbers stolen and reports that some of those credit card numbers are already flooding the underground market, Target is […]

Target Confirms Credit Card Data Security Breach


Target has confirmed the credit card data security breach that we reported yesterday. In a letter on its corporate website. Target is telling customers that the breach occurred from November 27 through December 15. Credit and debit card information was taken from in store credit card systems that includes the credit card number, expiration date, […]

Microsoft Rolling Out New Security Features


If you’re a Windows user, Microsoft is beginning to roll out some new security features that you might want to take a look at. These new features add to the two-step verification process Microsoft rolled out last April. The new features will begin rolling out this week. Microsoft is stressing that while security is a […]