Verizon Blames Video Consumption for Slow 4G LTE Speeds


Verizon says that the boom in video streaming services is the reason why its network has slowed down recently. In a rare move, Verizon admitted that data speeds on its 4G LTE mobile broadband network has slowed down by as much as 20 percent in densely populated urban areas, like those in Chicago, New York, […]

Consumers Say 4G Is an Important Feature, But What Exactly Is It?


In a recent InStat survey of 1,208 respondents, 75% of those polled say that 4G is an important feature when considering their next smartphone, but those same respondents also do not truly understand what 4G really is. The idea of 4G has been blundered by the marketing departments of various U.S. carriers that the definition […]

LTE Advanced Deployment in 2013 Will Help Accelerate Sprint’s 4G Network


Sprint, the nation’s third largest carrier, will be making its transition from its 4G WiMax technology to the broadly used LTE network for 4G mobile broadband in 2013. LTE has been adopted by Sprint’s larger rivals, Verizon Wireless and AT&T, but Sprint’s employment of LTE Advanced, rather than LTE, should help the Now Network achieve […]

AT&T Begins to Threaten Data Hog Users with Throttle SMSes


It looks like AT&T is making good on its promise that if you’re among the top 5% of data users on its network, you’ll most likely be throttled to reduced speeds for the duration of your billing cycle. The carrier had stated that the policy change will go into effect at the beginning of October […]

Verizon 4G LTE Rolling Out to 15 New Cities Tomorrow


As we told you before, tomorrow (August 18th) is a big day for some of you in the United States. Verizon is set to deploy its 4G LTE network in 15 new markets and it will be expanding the network’s presence in 10 others. This will likely be the last big roll out before the […]

Motorola Droid Bionic Shows Off Blistering Data Speeds

Droid Bionic

We know the Motorola Droid Bionic is going to be fast. After all, it’s going to be the first dual-core smartphone running on Verizon’s 4G LTE network. And just in case you needed some more proof, another photo of the Droid Bionic has surfaced today showing off some of the fastest data speeds that I’ve […]

After Tiered Data Plans, AT&T Turns to Data Throttling Ahead of iPhone 5 Launch


When Apple had launched its first aluminum-clad iPhone, industry-watchers had said that the Cupertino, California Mac-maker had changed the wireless industry. Not only did the iPhone brought mass attention to the smartphone industry and begin the process of consumerizing smartphones, but also the device ushered in a low-cost $20 data plan that included unlimited data […]

HTC, LG, Samsung Prepping to Launch 42 Mbps 4G HSPA+ Smartphones on T-Mobile


Android smartphone manufacturers HTC, LG, and Samsung are preparing to launch devices that are capable of supporting T-Mobile USA’s faster 42 Mbps network later this year according to the latest report. The faster 42 Mbps network will be available in 152 markets and is double the theoretical speeds that are supported by today’s smartphone devices […]

HSUPA High Speed Uploads Coming to AT&T in April


Users on AT&T’s HSPA+ networks and devices, such as the recently launched HTC Inspire 4G and the Motorola Atrix 4G, can finally experience real 4G speeds come this April according to an AT&T spokesperson. Speaking in regards to AT&T’s controversial position on not enabling full 4G high speed uploads on devices that advertise such capabilities […]

Sprint Could Light Up a 4G LTE Network by 2012


While Sprint is still determining its wireless strategy–the Now Network is partnering with Clearwire to use WiMax as its 4G platform–Sprint’s president of network operations and wholesale Steve Elfman says that the company could deploy a 4G network based on the competing LTE standard by 2012 and expand that to national coverage by 2013. The […]