Steam Summer Sale Slashes Prices on Far Cry 3 & More Fan Favorites

steam summer sale 2014

The Steam Summer Sale, a yearly event that takes PC games and makes them available to all at ridiculously low prices without any sort of membership plan, is heating up. Already the sale includes crazy cheap copies of Far Cry 3, Dead Rising 3 and The Witcher 2. The Steam Summer Sale is made up […]

Xbox One Launch Title Reviews Hit As Launch Inches Closer

Early reviews haven't been too kind about Crimson Dragon.

With just a few sun rises left until Microsoft begins its Xbox One entertainment console, users are understandably excited. Today marks the first wave of reviews for the Xbox One’s launch titles, and if the review scores of those games are any indication, the first batch of games for the Xbox One may be a […]

Microsoft Shows Off 13 Exclusive Xbox One Games

Xbox One

Today Microsoft showed off more of its new Xbox One video game console, including new games that will come out either at launch in November of this year or sometime in 2014. The lineup of new Xbox One games range from independent games from developers like Capy and Mojang, to huge developers like 343 Industries […]