New ‘Death Grip’ Affecting HTC One X’s Touchscreen


In the past, with unibody metal constructions, various HTC-made handsets suffered from an issue known as the death grip where gripping the phone would result in diminished reception and signal strength. On the new 2012 flagship HTC One X, it doesn’t appear that reception is an issue, but the device does suffer from a new […]

HTC: No Death Grip Issue with HTC Sensation

HTC Sensation 4G

HTC has come out and flat out denied that its HTC Sensation smartphone is suffering from a ‘death grip’ in a statement passed along to SlashGear. There was talk last week that HTC’s latest and greatest device was suffering from a death grip, a name derived from the iPhone 4’s Antennagate, that killed its Bluetooth […]

Apple Raises Eyebrows with Droid X Video Showing Signal Drop

Apple Takes on Droid X With Latest Smartphone Antenna Video - Mac Rumors

Nobody ever accused of Apple of being shy when it comes to attacking the competition. Remember the I’m a Mac, I’m a PC commercials? Well, it looks like Apple is going to continue to push its claims that its “Death Grip/Antennagate” issues are shared by all phones from all makers, and do so with a […]

Dear Apple, you’ve lost the iPhone 4 case gamble so pay up


Now that Consumer Reports has cemented the point on the iPhone 4’s antenna problem, I feel it’s safe to share my theory that Apple knew about the problems all along and were betting that we’d all solve them on our own with cases. Sorry Apple, it was a strategically sound bet, but you lost this […]

iPhone 4 Bumper is no match for my Death Grip


So I was out at a local festival today and opted to bum around the Apple Store while my wife went to Pottery Barn (again). Seeing a whole column of Bumpers on the shelf, I took advantage of the opportunity and bought one. While it fulfills the purpose of the purchase, I was surprised to […]

Apple Answers iPhone Signal Woes Issue


Apple has put up a letter telling what it thinks is the issue with the “Death Grip” issue and signal degradation. The bottom line? Apple says, in what it calls a surprising discovery, the software that calculates and displays signal bar strength on the screen is inaccurate. Apple is promising a fix for the iPhone […]

The iPhone Death Grip Thing Keeps Getting Weirder and Weirder


Call it the death grip, call it the Vulcan grip, call it what you want, but the amount of digital text flying through the Internet and yapped over the air waves on the new iPhone’s antenna issue is really amazing. There’s been all sorts of reporting on the issue from first person accounts to actual […]

Improve your handwriting, release your “death grip”


Just in time to help our nation’s students get ready to go back-to-school, The New York Times has an opinion piece entitled “Op-Art: The Write Stuff” with tips on how to improve one’s handwriting, a critical skill for our youth (though not so much for keyboard jockeys). As a pen input and Tablet PC enthusiast, […]