PSA: Cheap Smartphone Chargers Can Lead to Electrocution, Death

Faulty third-party charger electrocutes and kills iPhone user.

While your wallet may be drawn to the number of inexpensive, non-official chargers, many of which come from China, you should think twice before buying one. We had reported earlier that a young Chinese flight attendant suffered death by iPhone electrocution, and now there is a second electrocution report where a Chinese man is currently […]

Google Now Allows Users to Manage Their Online History In Event of Death


One of the issues with living a digital life lately is what happens to your Internet history–browsing history, Gmail and social media accounts, and digital content purchases–when you pass on? For surviving family members who want access to their deceased’s information to remember them by, there really hasn’t been a clear solution, and unlike a […]

10 Weirdest Phone Deaths on Twitter

broken iphone 4 cracked

People destroy and kill their phones in all kinds of crazy ways. From wing sauce and cranberry juice to cereal, bathtubs and toilets, the phone toting public keeps finding weirder ways to destroy perfectly good phones. Read: iPhone 4S Warranties Compared To promote SquareTrade warranties, the company launched @TechCrushed, a Twitter account dedicated to finding the craziest and weirdest ways phones, […]