Stress Gives LG G Flex Major Acne


It’s been known that many humans will breakout with acne under stress, and the same could also be said about certain electronics. Users are reporting that the LG G Flex could also develop bumps on the display when stressed or flexed too often. Fortunately, though, if you choose to believe the South Korean manufacturer, LG […]

Hardware Problems Continue to Plague New Nexus 7


While the new Nexus 7 is getting rave reviews for its new design and hardware improvements, it looks like Google and Asus still need to work out kinks with the new 2013 tablet. After we had reported about a GPS bug , it looks like there may be a glitch with the touchscreen. We had […]

New Nexus 7 Build Quality Questioned As Tablets Go On Sale Early


Though Google’s new mid-2013 Nexus 7 tablet isn’t slated to be available until July 30th, some retailers like Best Buy and GameStop are making the slate available to consumers as of today, Friday, July 26th, for purchase. And even though comments have been so far positive with the upgrades that Google has made given the […]

PSA: Cheap Smartphone Chargers Can Lead to Electrocution, Death

Faulty third-party charger electrocutes and kills iPhone user.

While your wallet may be drawn to the number of inexpensive, non-official chargers, many of which come from China, you should think twice before buying one. We had reported earlier that a young Chinese flight attendant suffered death by iPhone electrocution, and now there is a second electrocution report where a Chinese man is currently […]

Sony Promises Fix for Xperia Z Bricking Issue


When you buy an expensive flagship smartphone with a screen as vibrant as the full HD 1080p display on the Sony Xperia Z, you expect to stare at that little window all day. Unfortunately, for some early adopters of the Xperia Z handset, there are numerous reports of bricking issues, or a problem where the […]

Consumer Reports Defends Apple’s iPhone 5 Purple Haze Camera Issue


After Apple had declared the purple haze or tint occurring with images captured with the 8-megapixel camera on the iPhone 5 being ‘normal,’ it looks like┬áConsumer Reports may have justified Apple’s claims. According to the popular review publication, the purple haze issue isn’t just limited to Apple’s iPhone 5 and is something that occurs on […]

Microwaving Your Galaxy S III Will Cause It to Explode and Catch Fire


Remember the case of the exploding Galaxy S III smartphone that we had reported? Initially, there were speculations that Samsung’s third-generation flagship Android smartphone had overheated and caught fire, but now after an investigation, Samsung is clear from any liability for that case as it is found that the explosion is caused by user abuse. […]

Overheating Galaxy S III Smartphone Catches Fire

It appears that the fire/explosion occurred at the lower portion of the phone where the micro USB port is situated.

The Galaxy S III is one hot device right now with American carriers reporting launch delays due to overwhelming demand and short supply, but another area where Samsung’s third-generation flagship Android smartphone is hot may be internally. One user of the international GSM unit noticed some white flames and smoke coming out from his device, […]

iPhone 4 Spontaneously Combusts While Charging Overnight


A Colorado woman found out that her iPhone 4 can spontaneously combust and explode overnight while charging. The 51-year-old woman was traveling and staying in a hotel when the phone had burst into smoke while it was charging on a bedside table about a feet away from her head. According to the frazzled woman, she […]

HTC Titan Latest Handset to Suffer From Antennagate Issues


The issue of poor reception with metal construction on cellular phones was made notorious on Apple’s iPhone 4, which had a stainless steel band that served as both the phone’s antenna and as structural support for the phone. In what was known publicly as Antennagate, the iPhone 4 had diminished reception when a user held […]

Mophie, Best Buy Recalling iPhone, iPod Touch Extended Battery Charging Cases


Following an incident of an incinerating iPhone aboard an Australian commercial jet, there now seems to be some electrical problems affecting third-party accessories sold by Mophie and Best Buy as well. The affected products are cases with a built-in extended battery into the shell of the case allowing users to use their iPhones or iPod […]