Dell exec claims iPad too expensive for enterprise. Sounds familiar…


In an interview with CIO Australia, Dell head of enterprise marketing, Andy Lark, described the iPad as being too expensive for the enterprise market due to the closed nature of the platform and the added costs of peripherals, claiming it can run up to $1600. Funny thing is, Dell’s own enterprise tablet started 50% higher.

Update On Dell Latitude XT Tablet PC

Over the past week, I’ve been working behind the scenes with various representatives from Dell regarding the well-publicized issues of the Latitude XT. I just finished a conference call with them with regards to where things stand, and they wanted to communicate the following to everyone: Dell is aware of the complaints concerning the Latitude […]

N-Trig Initiative: The Final Wish/Issue List

It’s done. Our forum members, led by CajunAzn, Steve Seto and moderator Sharon, have assembled the definitive list of issues with the N-Trig digitizer, particularly the one in the Dell Latitude XT, as part of what is being called the N-Trig Initiative. The entire statement is posted below (most of it after the jump), and […]

N-Trig Initiative: Making Progress

Last week, we reported that the mighty champions of the GBM forum were taking up the call for better drivers for their N-Trig digitizers, particularly those in the Dell Latitude XT and HP Touchsmart tx2 enabling pen + multi-touch. Well, their diligence is getting noticed with N-Trig issuing an official response to a thorough and […]

N-Trig Initiative: A Call for Support


After taking some heat for “overdoing” the Dell Latitude XT multi-touch driver hostage saga, Warner opted to cut the front page pressure once some progress has been made. But all was not yet settled and behind-the-scenes efforts aren’t enough for our forum members who are still not seeing the support they paid for, particularly in […]

Dell Announces Fix for Latitude XT Issues, Addresses iTunes and More

Wow – it looks like Dell has been doing some major behind-the-scenes work with their Latitude XT Tablet PC. After hearing from me, as well as bunch of other users, they have finally announced some fixes that were being caused by iTunes, as well as some video card updates: You may have seen reports from […]

Dell Latitude XT Tablet PC Stress Test Video

File this in the category of Don’t Do This At Home and hold on to your hats, or maybe your very expensive Dell Latitude XT Tablet PCs. This is one stressful bunch of stress tests from PeliasMobile. The very relaxing music and the series of drops, bumps, and water tests make for quite an amusing […]

Windows 7 & N-Trig Multi-Touch Screenshots


As Warner posted this morning, N-Trig has released their beta Multi-Touch drivers for Windows 7 and the Dell Latitude XT. Here are screenshots of the new N-Trig multi-touch applet which shows support for the new rotate gesture feature, along with previously implemented multi-touch gestures. I experimented with rotating pictures in the Picture Previewer and it […]

N-Trig Releases Multi-Touch Drivers for Windows 7 pre-Beta

Rob is off on an appointment (I actually think he’s just out driving around in the Ford Escape Hybrid) and I’m sure when he gets back he’ll be downloading this and giving it a try on his Dell Latitude XT Tablet PC. N-Trig has released multi-touch drivers for testing with the pre-Beta of Windows 7. […]

Microsoft Donates 30 Tablet PCs To Harvard Teaching Fellows


Teaching fellows at Harvard are now getting some first hand experience on how Tablet PCs can improve classroom duties. 30 Dell Latitude XT Tablet PCs were delivered last week for them and the initial response looks positive. Here are a couple of comments from the article: