More Details of Asus Google Nexus Tablet Surface


Ahead of Google’s summer I/O developer conference this year, we’re hearing more about Google’s efforts on the hardware side surrounding its Nexus franchise. On the tablet front, we’re getting a clearer picture of the rumored Google Nexus Tablet that’s been speculated to be made by Asus. The device has been rumored to come in at […]

Will Developers Begin Shunning the Android Ecosystem?


With news of another non-Google experience device coming later in the year to leverage Google’s own Android source code but use a different store and ecosystem, will developers continue developing for Google’s own Android platform in the future. We had reported earlier that Skyhook CEO Ted Morgan claims that a phone from a major tech […]

AT&T Continues to Spin Tiered Data Plans; Offers Developers a Way to Pay for Consumer Data Charges


After having created an uproar by eliminating the unlimited data plans just days before launching the iPhone 4, AT&T is seemingly continuing its vendetta against unlimited iPhone data plan subscribers who had been grandfathered in before the carrier switched over to tiered data plans. Most recently, the ‘rethink possible’ carrier had created an outraged community […]

Cornerstone Hack Brings ‘Windows’ to CM9 ROMs for Android Tablets

Cornerstone allows users to open apps in windows

Cornerstone is a new hack that brings a more efficient multitasking experience to Android tablets running on CyanogenMod 9 ROMs. While both Google and Apple have made strides with the tablet experience on Android and iOS slates respectively, neither consumer mobile tablet operating systems go far enough to bring true desktop-like multitasking. On Google’s Honeycomb […]

4 More Things You Should Know Before Building A Mobile App

App Inventor - image credit

If more companies and app creators would keep these four things in mind there would be many more happy users in the world. And when you make people happy, they’re more likely to give you money, recommend you to friends, and stick with you well beyond the initial interest they show in your app.

Windows Phone Market Starting to Display ESRB Game Ratings


While Google and Apple have opted out of the industry-standard ESRB rating systems for game titles on the respective Android Market and App Store applications storefronts, Microsoft had opted in and now we’re beginning to see ESRB ratings being displayed alongside some game titles in Windows Phone Marketplace. So far, Angry Birds and MathZia Free bear […]

Microsoft: Windows Phone 8 Backwards Compatible With Windows Phone 7 Apps


Microsoft’s own Brandon Watson had turned to Twitter to clarify any confusion by announcing, again, that Windows Phone 8, which is widely believed to be codenamed Apollo, will be compatible with apps designed currently for Windows Phone 7. Watson’s tweet comes as a response Eldar Murtazin’s tweet that developers would need to re-code Windows Phone […]

Microsoft Outlines Sensor Support on Windows 8


Microsoft had just outlined plans for supporting various types of sensors in Windows 8, which will also be available in tablet format to compete with consumer tablets running on Android or the iOS mobile operating systems. As such, sensors will not only help to add to the user experience of Windows 8 slates, but as […]

Meet Ziggy, Siri’s Cousin for Windows Phone


Those who spend a lot of time behind the wheel of a car and want to multitask away on their phone while driving may look on to Siri with envy if they don’t already own an iPhone 4S. Thankfully, third-party developers for Windows Phone 7 have come up with a solution for Microsoft’s mobile platform […]

Netflix HD App Ported to Samsung Galaxy Nexus


Though Netflix is officially available on Samsung’s recently released Galaxy Nexus with a 720p HD Super AMOLED display, the official app doesn’t stream content in native 720p HD resolution. Thankfully, for pixel-discerning users, developers over at XDA-Developers have been able to port the Netflix HD streaming app to the device, though early work in porting […]

Developers Rush Out New Apps Before Apple Shuts Down For the Holidays


Developers hoping to either submit new iOS apps or revised versions of currently available apps on Apple’s iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad platform are rushing their efforts for the review process before Apple shuts down for 8 days for the holidays. Developers hoping to submit an iOS hit that’s the hopeful equivalent to the next […]

How to Get Google Wallet On Verizon Galaxy Nexus Sans Root


Previously, we had reported that Google Wallet’s NFC-based digital wallet would work on Verizon Wireless’ 4G LTE Galaxy Nexus with root, but now developers over at XDA-Developers have been successful in porting the app to Verizon’s Google-phone without requiring root. The app could be installed as an APK–you’ll need to allow for non-Android Market apps […]

TeleNav’s HTML5 GPS Solution Breaks Free of App Store Shackles


TeleNav, which had been creating apps for various platforms to leverage its GPS navigation solution, is now creating a platform-agnostic solution by turning to the mobile browser. With its new web app, TeleNav is porting its voice guided turn-by-turn GPS navigation solution to HTML 5 rather than relying on apps for different platforms. By turning […]

Google Adds Intel, AMD Compatibility to Ice Cream Sandwich


Google is now releasing the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich compatibility code for x86 chip architecture, covering AMD and Intel processors, in addition to the ARM CPU that the platform already supports. Earlier this Fall at the Intel Developer Forum, Intel’s been hot and heavy over Android, showing various prototypes of Android running on Atom […]

Kindle Fire is Most Favored Tablet by Android Developers

Kindle Fire

Not only is the $200 price point of the Amazon Kindle Fire giving the Android-based tablet a leg up with consumers, the tablet is being eyed and favored by developers. With developers focusing on Amazon-centric hardware, there may be longer term repercussions for the entire ecosystem, with fragmentation being the most worrisome result. In a survey conducted […]

Windows 8 Apps to Play Nice on Windows Phone


Despite maintaining two distinctly separate classes of computing products for its phones and tablets, we’re beginning to see a convergence between mobile and desktop computing where Microsoft is concerned. Not only is Windows 8 starting to look a lot like Windows Phone 7 with the Metro UI, finger-friendly and touch inspired experiences, and Live Tiles […]

T-Mobile USA Discounts BlackBerry Bold 9900 Pricing for RIM Developers


If you’re a BlackBerry developer and are interested in T-Mobile USA’s network, you may want to check out the new BlackBerry Bold 9900. The device is offered for a stiff $300 to consumers, but T-Mobile is willing to sell the flagship BlackBerry smartphone to developers for only $199, giving the device a $100 discount. The […]