How to Enable Dictation in OS X Yosemite


*+-Typing away on your Mac is second nature, but if you’d rather turn your speech into text instead, here’s how to enable dictation in OS X Yosemite. Just like on the iPhone, Mac users can talk into the microphone and have it translated into text, saving you from having to type out long-winded responses. It’s […]

iOS 8 Beta 4: Voice to Text Goes Real Time


*+-The newly released iOS 8 Beta 4 brings real-time voice-to-text functionality to the iPhone for the first time. A video demo of the feature is in action below. This new iOS 8 feature is very similar to the Android dictation feature we’ve seen for years. In iOS 7, the microphone button to the left of […]

How to Use Voice Dictation in iOS 7

2013-10-18 17.06.16

*+-Typing long blocks of text on a mobile device can get pretty tiresome after awhile, and it’s really just kind of annoying. We already showed you how to set up text expansion so that you’re typing can be dialed down just a little bit, but that can only do so much. If you’re just not […]

OS X Mountain Lion Dictation Review: It’s Time to Talk to your Mac

Dictation OS X Mountain Lion

*+-The latest version of Apple’s OS X operating system brings a nifty feature over from iOS. Built in dictation should get more Mac users talking rather than typing. The Dictation feature is similar to the Nuance dictation applications on Windows PC’s and Macs. Those looking to dictate term papers, novels or long documents will probably want to stay […]

Apple Announces Dictation for OS X Mountain Lion

OS X Dictation

*+-Like the new iPad, the new version of Mountain Lion won’t have Apple’s full personal assistant, but it will be able to transcribe text. The dictation function is built into then latest version of Apple’s OS X and will be available in every app, even Microsoft Word. The feature should work as well as the […]

Privacy Concerns Lead IBM to Ban Siri At Work


*+-Though employees can still bring their iPhone smartphones to work, IBM’s recently issue policy bars employees from using Apple’s Siri voice assistant feature at work. According to IBM, the reasoning for the ban is due to Siri sending user’s spoken queries to Siri to a remote data server to process speech to text and then […]

5 Tips to Master Dictation On Your New iPad or iPhone (Video)

Dictation on the new ipad

*+-Using dictation on the new iPad or the iPhone is a great way to speed up sending messages, composing email and even writing longer documents. I’ve used dictation to write articles and much more for the past few weeks, and I’m surprised at how fast I can go. Using dictation on the iPad is even […]

5 Tricks to Type Faster On the iPhone

type faster on the iPhone

*+-If you want to type faster on the iPhone, you can’t find a better keyboard, but you can use a number of built-in tricks to type faster and smarter. The iPhone keyboard includes handy shortcuts that will cut down on keystrokes, errors and the time you spend sending texts and emails. Even if you’ve used […]

MacSpeech Scribe & Dragon Recorder: Dictation Through an iPhone [Review]


*+-Dictating on the go with a headset can be problematic, since most headsets don’t fit well in to a compact computer bag. Thankfully Nuance created Dragon Recorder, which works along with Dragon MacSpeech Scribe to make mobile dictation easy enough that I actually enjoy doing so. I’ve previously reviewed Dragon Dictate for Mac, which works, […]

Nuance’s iOS 5 Text-to-Speech Feature Revealed


*+-It looks like we’re finally getting a picture of the long-rumored text-to-speech integration inside Apple’s mobile iOS 5 operating system as a pair of leaked images have surface showing the new voice-enabled feature. The functionality comes from technology developed by Nuance, and appears very similar to the text-to-speech functionality inside Android. Instead of typing in […]

Dragon Dictate for Mac Is Making Me Productive Again

Screen shot 2011-02-28 at 9.46.33 AM

*+-Having the ability to type is something I take for granted. So when it went away after an injury in the kitchen, I decided to take the opportunity to test out  Dragon Dictate for Mac again. It had been almost 10 years since I used the Windows version of the program. I honestly didn’t expect […]