$50 Off Nook Color Via Barnes & Noble’s Official eBay Channel

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The Nook Color was launched as Barnes & Noble’s push into the color space with an Android-based e-reader touchscreen tablet, but the device has gained more versatile uses thanks to an enterprising developer community, including root access, Android 3.0 Honeycomb port, and the ability to run apps from Android Market, which was restricted by Barnes […]

Google Integrates Digital Books in Web-Based Android Market


Google has given its Web-based portal of Android Market a new update by adding a hub for digital books. The Android-maker had previously made its digital books push on Android and other rival platforms with the release of Google Books, which allows users to purchase, download, and read books purchased via Google, but by integrating […]

6-Inch Apple Slate: iPad Nano or iPod Touch Max?


Although Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs has shunned the idea of a 7-inch tablet form factor, noting that the display size was too small to do much useful work, the Cupertino, California iPad-maker is, however, said to be experimenting with tablets with a smaller form factor. Hot off of the rumor mill is speculation that Apple […]

Microcosm Publishing Barters Books for Your Kindle to Keep Print Alive


In what may be seen as a last ditch effort to keep the print publishing business alive, Microcosm Publishing, a bookseller in Portland, Oregon, is making a deal with Kindle owners. Owners of the Amazon e-reader can go to the company’s store to swap their Kindle for the equivalent in books with printed pages. While […]

Sharp Galapagos E-Reader Tablet to Take on Nook Color


Sharp’s Galapagos brand e-reader tablet comes in two different different screen sizes: 5.5- and 10.8-inch. Sharp isn’t disclosing what operating system the tablets were running at CES, but the company did give us a demo of the 5.5-inch version on video at the show. The device has a 3D-cube user interface, a trackball for navigating, […]

Nook Color’s Children’s Books Come to iPad with Nook Kids App


Already got an iPad tablet that will suffice for your e-reading pleasure and not aching to shell out money for Barnes & Noble’s customized and curated Android e-reader tablet dubbed the Nook Color? That’s okay, especially if you have kids as the bookseller has just announced that its children’s books are now being made available […]

Kno’s Single-Screen and Dual-Screen E-Reader Tablets Ship Today


Kno indicated yesterday that it’s single-screen and dual-screen Linux-based tablet will be shipping today, Tuesday. The company’s tablets, unlike other mass market tablets, will mostly be geared as a textbook reader that’s targeted at the educational market with Web browsing and note taking support. The basic single-screen version will cost $599 and the dual-screen version […]

Will HTC Make G-Slate Tablet for T-Mobile USA?


T-Mobile USA has filed for several trademarks with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for the names G-Surf, G-Slate, and Reader’s Cafe. The first two, bearing the “G” branding, may represent an expansion to the company’s G-line, which comprises to date of the T-Mobile G1 and G2 Android smartphones; the G-line is more of a […]

Nook Color Now Also ‘Kindle’ Color with Latest Hack


The Nook Color is Barnes & Noble’s curated e-reading tablet experience running on top of the Android operating system and with a 7-inch color capacitive touchscreen. The hack requires users to root their device, essentially jailbreaking the Barnes & Noble Android experience, and then installing Android Market, the official Google app store for Android devices. […]

Marketers Eye Lucrative, Growing E-Book Market for Ad Potential


Marketers are now looking at the growing electronic book market to grow, and with that we’ll hopefully start to see new pricing models and promotions for digital books. E-books, as they are called, will be another venue for advertisers to place ads, whether they be videos, graphics, text, or sponsorship advertisements, and these ads can […]

iBooks Organization, PDF Mailing Rumored for Future iOS Upgrade


The iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad are rumored to get new features related to PDF mailing and iBooks organization according to recent speculations. Since Apple had just released iOS 4.2, it’s unclear whether these features will make it to iOS 4.3, which is rumored for release in December, or if these features will come at […]

Sony Turns Sony Reader Into Android, iPhone Apps


Sony is taking the route that Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Borders are taking by not only offering hardware for its e-book ecosystem in the form of the Sony Reader, but by also making digital reading available on other platforms. The company is saying that an app for its Sony Reader platform will be available […]

10-Inch Galaxy Tab with Virtually Unbreakable Resin-Coated Display


What’s reported as a prototype for an electronic book reader looks like a 10.1-inch Android tablet from Korean electronics manufacturer Samsung. The design looks to be a larger edition of the current generation Samsung Galaxy Tab. The unique thing about the 10-inch slate that’s being demoed is that unlike the current generation Tab, this demo […]