Are There Any Alternatives to OneNote?


Been fielding a good number of private questions as of late regarding tablet options and alternatives to OneNote, specifically Android- and iPad-based ones. Trend seems to be growing, so I thought I should address it publicly. Beats turning it into my email signature.

Bamboo Stylus Review

Pastebot 2011-06-21 11.20.18 AM

Over the weekend I posted about Bamboo Paper, an Inking and doodling App for the iPad, that Wacom is marketing along side its Bamboo Stylus for the iPad. I had recently ordered a Bamboo Stylus and it came in this morning. I like what I see and feel. I’ve used and tested quite a few […]

Hands on with Inking on the HTC Flyer


Chris Davies of SlashGear has an HTC Flyer in his hands and has put up a video that demonstrates the Inking functionality for that device. He also talks about just how kooky HTC seems to be viewing the Inking and pen features it has obviously taken pains to incorporate into the device. As others have […]

Answering Some Questions on Digital Inking and the iPad


I received this email from GBM Reader Adam K a few weeks ago. It’s taken me awhile to get this post ready to respond but here it is. First the email: Warner, Thanks again for allowing me to reach out to you for advice. I watched your review of multiple options for inking on an […]

Cosmonaut: Kickstart a New Stylus for Capacitive Screens


Kickstarter projects I think can best be described as crowd sourced startups. A company announces a new product, takes pre-orders (or “investments”) and eventually comes out with the product or project. It’s not just for gadgets, its for all sorts of creative ideas. There’s a time line attached to the when the amount necessary has […]

The iPad: 11 Months In and Getting Ready for iPad 2


It seems appropriate on some level to talk about my iPad usage after spending the last 11 months with the device now that we are on the cusp of the newer iPad 2 getting into consumer’s hands as early as tomorrow. I do plan on ordering an iPad 2 and moving forward with that platform […]

Is Tablet Inking Dead?


This morning I received an email from a long time reader asking the question in the title of this post. Here’s an except from that email: I’m a vice president in a large company and have relied on my tablet for more years than I want to admit. WHERE IS ONENOTE IN ALL THIS MESS?  […]

Review: PhatPad for the iPad


Digital Inkers will want to check this out. No question about it. Is PhatPad for the iPad an App that will make Digital Inkers forget Tablet PCs. No. We aren’t there yet because we all know we’re going to need a hardware and software solution before that happens on present day Tablets and Slates. That […]

PhatPad for iPad Winners Announced


OK, I’m just going to say this and then follow up with a review tomorrow. If you’re like me and been looking for a good Digital Inking solution for the iPad, you need to check out PhatPad for the iPad. PhatPad offers different kinds of Digital Inkers multiple solutions. Whether or not you need handwriting […]

N-Trig Says It is Readying DuoSense Screens For Android Tablets


Ina Fried at D: All Things Digital is reporting that N-Trig is hoping to woo Android Tablet developers to the world of pen and touch. Featuring N-Trig’s DuoSense technology that allows both pen and touch, NTrig is making the rounds and hoping that Tablet makers see that Pen functionality might actually help them stand out […]

PhatPad for iPad Now Released. We’ve Got Codes to Give Away


Good news for digital inkers who use an iPad. PhatWare the makers of WritePad, PhatNotes and other digital inking software has just released PhatPad for the iPad. And we’ve got some codes to give away! See below the video for details. I haven’t had an opportunity to check out PhatPad for the iPad yet, but […]

Asus Eee Note EA800 Tablet/Reader Unboxing

ASUS Eee Note EA800 Unboxing and Hands On | Netbooknews - Netbooks, Netbook Reviews, Smartbooks and more

The folks at have gotten their hands on the peculiar Eee Note EA800 from Asus and put up an unboxing video. They give it a quick once over and note that they’ve been working with a Chinese language version of the device and an English language ROM that hasn’t allowed them much time. Nicole […]

GBM ShortCut: The HardCandy Stylus

GBM ShortCut_ The Hard Candy Stylus

The quest for a good stylus that works with devices using capacitive screens like the iPad continues. But I think I might have found a winner. Previous styli I’ve examined do the trick but they are all relatively short and small. The HardCandy Stylus however feels a bit more like I’m holding a pen in […]

HardCandy Stylus for iPad (and other Capacitive Screens) Reviewed


I’ve got one of these on order and I continue my experiments in stylus comparisons for the iPad, but in the meantime you might want to check out Josh Smith’s review of the HardCandy Stylus on our sister site, A couple of things to mention here (again before getting my hands on one). First, […]

GBM InkShow: New iPad Apps Beg for an Inking Comparison


With the release of the Tega v2 and the HP Slate 500 many a Tableteer has been hoping, and some have been praying that the slate form factors will handle Digital Inking well on capacitive screens. Thanks to Windows 7, (yes Windows 7) the experience on the Tega v2 isn’t as bad as I thought […]

GBM InkShow: Inking on the iPad

GBMInkShow Inking on the iPad

First up, before I get to the subject of this InkShow, thank you from the bottom of my heart and from my family for all the kind wishes, prayers, and support the GBM community has offered on the occasion of the passing of my Mother. She’s at peace now and our family is slowly starting […]