NFC on an iPhone May Be Good for Hand-Me-Down Apps


Though Apple had largely avoided the near field communications, or NFC, technology used for easy Bluetooth pairing, sharing files, and for digital wallets that rivals have been doing, the company may still be considering NFC for other purposes on iPhone and iPad tablets. Apple may be tying in NFC technology to its digital iTunes and […]

What Is SOPA and Why Are All My Websites On Strike?

wikipedia goes dark to protest sopa

You may have noticed that several of your favorite sites aren’t quite working today. Don’t worry, there’s nothing wrong with your browser or your phone. Today Google, Reddit, Wikipedia, and a host of other sites have gone dark or on strike to protest bills currently under debate in the U. S. Senate and House of […]

YUDU Claims to Dodge the iPad Subscription Tax (But Doesn’t)


News flash! “Service launched for publishers to evade Apple cut!” That was the headline as digital publishing service YUDU announced a way for publishers to sell subscriptions for content in iOS apps without paying Apple a 30% cut. Which is great news if you didn’t know that was already possible.