Polaroid Z2300 Combines Digital Photos and Instant Prints

Polaroid Z2300 White

Polaroid is still trying to cross the bridge from traditional photography to digital photography, and the Z2300 combines the two worlds in an interesting way. The Polaroid Z2300 is a 10MP digital camera with a design reminiscent of classic Polaroid cameras. Like those classic Polaroid cameras, the Z2300 can still print out photos, but the […]

Turn Your Phone Into A Scanner With The Steady Steady Stand 200

MODAHAUS Steady Stand 200

There are now several apps for Android and iPhone that turn the camera into a scanner, complete with OCR. However, to get the best results the camera needs to stay steady, which is hard to do holding the phone in your hand. A tripod will work, but then you need a lot of accoutrements and […]

Gift Guide: 13 Great Photography Accessories

64 GB SanDisk Extreme Pro SDXC Card

Do you have a shutter bug on your buying list for this holiday season? Chances are a serious photographer would rather you didn’t buy them a new camera because they will be very particular about what kind to get, making surprises impossible. However, a great photography accessory will warm their heart and earn you some […]

Eye-Fi Creates Online Photo Sharing via Email


Most folks have heard of Eye-Fi. It’s a service that, using an SD card allows you to quickly upload pictures from your digital camera to your online photo sites. Eye-Fi has even branched out to include an iPhone App as well. It is a handy service if you’re connected and there are a variety of […]

iPhone 3GS VoiceOver lets blind photographer work


I must confess, when I first learned of VoiceOver in the iPhone 3GS as an accessibility tool for the visually impaired, I was not impressed. Good to have the option, but why, I thought, would a blind person want a device that is almost all screeen? No tactile buttons. No fixed arrangement. Almost all input […]

Eye-Fi Announces New Card with Automatic Video Uploading


Xavier has the details on Notebooks.com but Eye-Fi has just put a new Eye-Fi card that uploads video from your digital camera to Flickr and YouTube on the market for $99. The new cards are the 4GB Explore Video ($79) and the 4GB Share Video ($79) and you can purchase them at www.eye.fi. Xavier also […]