Amazon Resurrects Huge Kindle DX E-Reader From the Dead


*+-After having discontinued its large 9.7-inch Kindle DX e-reader in October 2012, Amazon is now bringing back the hardware that’s unchanged from its release since 2009. It’s unclear why Amazon is quietly re-introducing the tablet in 2013; the company so far has not issued a statement or press release, only to allow the Kindle DX […]

High School Ditches Textbooks for iPads, Internet and Apps (Video)

*+-Apple made a big deal about the iPad in education when they kicked off the year with iTunes U and a major eTextbook initiative. The push, is to get iPads into classrooms and take a cut of textbook sales, but it looks like Apple may have to settle for the hardware cut — at least […]

Kno Textbook App For iPad Adds 3D Modeling To Robust Feature Set

Kno App for iPad 3D Models

*+-Earlier this year the company behind the Kno student tablet gave up on the hardware aspect of their business (Intel picked up the slack) and decided to focus on software. A good move, as the best thing about the Kno tablet was the operating system and the robust textbook and learning tools within it. The […]

Korea Mandates Digital Textbooks by 2015


*+-In a move to push the e-book and e-reader market forward, the South Korean government will be mandated that all elementary-level educational materials be digitized by 2014 and schools to deliver textbooks and books on tablets by 2015. However, for digital books to succeed in the educational space, more work still needs to be done […]