How to Share Directions With Google Maps


When it comes to getting driving directions these days, Google Maps is usually just a tap away on our smartphones and tablets. Today one more feature was added to Google Maps that many may be interested in, and that’s sharing driving directions. Whether this is to share with a friend, or to send to someone […]

Google Maps Will Soon Include Street View for Businesses

Google Maps

Google Maps is about to get a lot more interesting as Google has unveiled a program called Business Photos from Google which will allow businesses to show off 360-degree street view and interior imagery of their business on the company’s Places page. Google is currently taking applications from businesses in 37 select cities around the […]

What Happens When Google Doesn’t Think Your Address Exists


A common concern for many Internet users is that giants like Google know too much about them. This is a valid concern, but recently I ran into the opposite problem — Google didn’t know enough about me. Specifically Google didn’t think that my address existed. This may sound like a small problem, but I assure […]