Samsung Ramping Up OLED Display Production In Case Apple Switches From LCD


Samsung has ramped up production capacity for producing OLED displays in the event that Apple may decide to switch from rival LCD-based displays on its next-generation iOS products, which may include the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad tablet. It’s unclear if Apple would make the transition, but the Cupertino, California company has been rumored to […]

Next iPhone Rumored to Have Massive 4.6-Inch Screen


In a radical design departure, the next-generation iPhone that will succeed this year’s iPhone 4S model will have a massive 4.6-inch screen, matching the larger screen trends from competing Android smartphones from rivals such as Motorola, HTC, and Samsung. News of the larger screen comes from Reuters, which is reporting that an unnamed industry source […]

Screen Size Becoming Even More Polarizing Between Android, iOS


The war of ecosystems may have shifted between the battle for screen real estate especially where the two dominant mobile operating systems are concerned. With iOS having historically used the 3.5-inch display form factor since inception, Android has grown to larger screen sizes and it’s a trend that we anticipate to continue. While 4.3-inch was […]

Must Have App for late Night iPhone and iPad Users

flux for iphone

If you use your iPad or iPhone in bed you need to download f.lux. f.lux is a free application that automatically adjusts the color of your iPhone or iPad’s display to look more like the light around you. During the day the display looks like the sun, just like it normally does, and at night […]

Nokia Displays Its Crisp, Sharp Clear Black Display (CBD) Technology


Nokia has been heavily promoting its smartphones, both AMOLED and LCD sporting phones, with its patented Clear Black Display, or CBD, technology. So what exactly is Clear Black Display and why is it good for consumers? On a superficial explanation, CBD allows screens to be brighter, crisper, and more readable under direct sunlight without looking […]

LG LCD Factory Strike Could Have Impact on Smartphones, Tablets


A strike at LG’s Nanjing, China LCD factory involving 8,000 workers may have potential impact on the mobile market, which is consuming higher resolution displays for tablets and smartphones. The company had failed to reach a resolution with its Chinese workers, who are demanding equal benefits to their counterparts in South Korea, including better pay […]

Review: 10 Reasons the iPhone 4s is Better Than the Galaxy Nexus

iPhone 4S Better than the Galaxy Nexus

The iPhone 4S is one of the best smartphones of the year, and for the first time it is going up against an incredibly capable phone — the Galaxy Nexus. The iPhone 4S didn’t bring a radical design change, but thanks to many improvements in hardware, a new version of iOS and a thriving ecosystem, […]

Production of 7-Inch Tablet LCD Panels Outnumber iPad Screens


In the month of November, there were more 7-inch LCD panels being manufactured than 9.7-inch panels, which are used on the iPad and iPad 2 tablets from Apple. In the past, late Apple CEO Steve Jobs had dismissed the 7-inch tablet market, stating that it did not offer users a good experience due to the […]

Will This Flexible Transparent Display Revolutionize Tablets? (Video)

Flexible transparent tablet and phone of the future

In the future, technology is always cooler. If you watch enough science fiction, you’ll pick up on the fact that our future selves really want to be able to see through our displays. In addition to transparent displays, the future is also full of flexible displays. I mean, what good is a large transparent display […]

New Smartphone Technology Allows You to ‘Feel’ Your Display


Beyond just vibrating haptic feedback, display company Senseg has developed a new screen technology that will allow you to ‘feel’ what’s being displayed on the screen by changing the friction dynamically on the company as you touch. There are numerous applications to this technology, including gaming, braille, and perhaps even topographical Google Maps that begs […]

iPad 3 to Usher in Pixel-Packing Tablets in 2012


Come 2012, we’ll start to see more tablets pack in more pixels, according to analysts. The trend will be led by Apple’s third-generation iPad tablet, which will help lead the push, though it won’t be alone as top Android tablet-manufacturers will also increase their display resolutions. NPD DisplaySearch analyst David Hsieh says that 2012 will […]

LG to Produce Displays for Apple iPhone 5, 7-Inch iPad


Furthering speculations of a smaller iPad, Korea Times is reporting that Apple is in talks with LG Display to produce screens for a 7-inch version of the popular 10-inch slate. Currently, both the iPad 1 and iPad 2 are only available in a 9.7-inch form factor, and the Korea Times is reporting that the screen […]

Bell Canada Launching LG Optimus LTE November 22


Come this November 22nd, Canadian carrier Bell will be launching the Optimus LTE, the most full-featured and powerful smartphone from LG to launch according to a leaked advertisement. The Android smartphone will support 4G LTE speeds alongside a high resolution 720p HD display that measures 4.5 inches diagonally. As the Optimus LTE will not be utilizing […]

Why We May Never See an iPhone Screen Larger Than 4-Inch


When it comes to screen sizes and real estate, we’ve seen anything from a paltry 2.8-inch display to enormous 5.2-inch screens on Android phones, but with the iPhone, the screen has remained at a constant 3.50-inch diagonal through successive generations of the Apple smartphone. Various reasons are given from for the iPhone’s consistent display real […]

Invisible Glass Claims to Eliminate Reflection on Displays


Nippon Electronics unveiled a new glass screen called Invisible Glass that will dramatically reduce reflection and glare when viewed under light. The product’s name shouldn’t be confused with a glass cleaner also by the same name. According to the company, the new Invisible Glass displays will have a new anti-reflective film that coats both sides […]

Are Display Issues to Blame for iPhone 5 Release Date Delays?

iphone 5 edge to edge rendering

Normally we have to wait for an iPhone announcement or iPhone release before we hear of display issues, but according to Digitimes, one manufacturer of iPhone 5 displays has found a defect that could contribute to shortages in 2012. According to Digitimes’ source, Winter has found a  “delayed bubble” defect with displays headed for the iPhone 5. This defect reportedly […]

PenTile Dishes Advice on How to Conserve Battery Life on New qHD Displays


PenTile, which powers the subpixel arrangement on most, if not all, of the recently released Android smartphones with qHD displays, is giving advice to customers on how to conserve battery life on those new smartphones with the high resolution, pixel-packed 960 X 540 screens. On phones like the Motorola Photon 4G, the Droid 3, and […]

Motorola Prepping Atrix HD for AT&T


It looks like Motorola may be working on a successor the the Motorola Atrix 4G Android smartphone for U.S. wireless carrier AT&T. In addition to the speculated GSM variant of the Droid Bionic for AT&T, a new Motorola device was posted on Flickr with very similar aesthetics to the current-generation Atrix 4G. The device was […]