HP’s New 4K, 5K and Curved Displays Are Gorgeous


HP announced a range computer displays at CES 2015 in Las Vegas today that are drop-dead gorgeous. If you’ve been waiting to jump on the 4K bandwagon, now might be the time since some of these new high-res HP displays will sell for about $500. The company’s curved displays start at just $399. At the […]

Apple Patent Gives Hope to Curved iPhone 6 Display


With curved displays now a premium part of the smartphone experience that Samsung and LG are experimenting with, Apple is not one to be left out of the party and a potential patent application may hint that the iPhone 6 may arrive with a curved display. Apple had filed for a patent with the U.S. […]

Dell Working on 4K 24-Inch Monitors, Leaks Details on Website


Dell is rumored to be working up a 24-inch computer monitor with a 4K resolution, which is 3840×2160 for those wanting to know the pixel count. The specific model has been detailed on Dell’s website, and if it turns out to be a real product (which it most likely is), it’ll be one of the […]

Samsung Acquires Stake in Corning and What It Means for the Galaxy S5


Samsung has recently acquired a 7.4% stake in smartphone and tablet Gorilla Glass maker Corning. A company which offers strengthened glass to protect the precious displays on our smartphones and tablets. Along with a long-term deal between the two, this will strengthen the partnership they both have, as well as lead to possibilities in the […]

Samsung Explores New Shapes to Pack More Pixels Into Displays


Apple had created the war of pixels for the sharpest looking display when it debuted the iPhone 4 several years ago with its Retina Display. At the time, CEO Steve Jobs says that it’s named as such because the screen has a pixel density of 326 pixels per inch, and anything over 300 ppi is […]

LG to Showcase Three New Displays at CES: 5.5-inch Full HD, 4.7-inch Bezel-less, and Improved 7-Inch Panels


LG Display will be showcasing three new exciting displays that will be targeted at the mobile market. The displays will be showcased in January at the Consumer Electronics Show, though it’s unclear which smartphone- or tablet-makers have signed on with LG Display to bring these displays into consumer products. The displays include a 4.7-inch near-bezel-less […]

Corning’s Lotus Glass Capable of Higher Resolutions

lotus flower By Sistak on Flickr

Corning announced their next generation display glass for mobile tech this week, dubbing it Lotus and not, say, Gorilla 2. This new glass will withstand higher temperatures in the manufacturing process and allow for higher resolution displays and tighter design rules. That may indicate thinner phones in the future, and more resolution is usually welcome. […]

Devices with Samsung’s Liquavista Displays Can Come As Soon As This Year?


After having announced its acquisition of Liquavista for the company’s electrowetting display technology earlier this year, we haven’t heard from Samsung until now. The company had recently shown off its electrowetting display at the SID show, and there is speculation that electrowetting may beat Mirasol to the market in the evolving display market. Electrowetting is […]

LG Teases Optimus 3D Smartphone with Video


LG is expected to introduce and debut a 3D Android smartphone next week at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona as the Optimus 3D, and now the company is teasing the glasses-free 3D smartphone. The new teaser video shows off the device with a kick stand, a feature that was highly popular on the Sprint HTC […]

Gorilla Glass Gets Competitor in Form of Asahi’s Dragontrail Glass


Current market leader for virtually scratch-proof, break-proof, and shatter-proof glass Gorilla Glass, made by Corning, will soon get a competitor from Japan’s Asahi Glass known as Dragontrail. Asahi Glass hopes to capture up to 30 percent of the glass market, and Dragontrail can potentially be seen shipping on smartphones, tablets, and other consumer electronics. Because […]

Multi-Touch DJ, Maps Video Demo

Screen shot 2010-08-06 at 10.29.45 AM

The days of Minority Report style touch computing are here, at least for one DJ in Chile. The Token multitouch display is an enormous free-standing sheet of glass with some multi-touch wizardry apparently built in. The image is projected via a rear projector, so it’s not quite as magical as it looks at first glance. Regardless, […]

3M Multi-Touch Display Demos


This morning I ran across an overview of 3M’s multi-touch display, which is capable of recognizing up to 20 touch inputs simultaneously. 3M apparently has more than  150 patents relating to touch displays and from the looks of the video demos they have packed more than a few into the MicroTouch M2256PW. At $1,549, you’ll probably need a […]