Best DIY iPhone 6 Docks


If you’re in the market for an iPhone 6 dock, but want to get a little creative with it, here are some of the best DIY iPhone 6 docks that you can make yourself. There are a lot of different iPhone 6 docks that you can buy, but sometimes nothing really quite fits your style […]

How to Amplify Your iPhone Speaker


While there are a ton of Bluetooth speakers to choose from that can boost your iPhone’s audio volume and quality, sometimes you just need a quick and dirty method for making your iPhone’s speaker louder. Here are some tricks that you can use. Let’s be real: Bluetooth speakers cost money, and you don’t have $50 […]

5 Affordable DIY Standing Desks


If you’re like most people who have an office job, you probably sit for the majority of your day, only getting up to take lunch or use the restroom. What you’re probably not aware of is just how bad sitting down all day is for you, but many health-conscious users are looking to change that. […]

Microsoft Hopes to Appeal to Geeks With 3D Printing Support

Image via Ars Technica

With the release of the preview of Windows 8.1 at Microsoft’s BUILD conference in San Francisco, California, one new feature was introduced that may help the platform become more appealing to technology geeks. Like 2D printing support, Microsoft is hoping to differentiate Windows 8.1 for use on desktops, notebooks, and touchscreen tablets by adding new […]

5 iPhone 5 Docks You Can Make or Buy Today

iPHone 5 wood dock on eBay

Apple doesn’t sell an iPhone 5 dock, but users can make their own iPhone 5 dock in a few minutes, or buy an iPhone 5 dock that uses an original Lightning cable. The iPhone 5 won’t fit in the iPhone 4S dock, and Apple doesn’t sell an iPhone 5 dock. We are already seeing the […]

DIY: Make Your Own iPhone 5 Slim Case With a 3D Printer


If you’ve been searching for a slim iPhone 5 case and nothing out there is fitting your needs, you can try this customized case that you can make at home as part of a do-it-yourself project. All that’s needed for this DIY project is a 3D printer and some patience and you can craft your […]

New iPhone 5 Screws Won’t Screw DIY’ers

iPhone 5 screw DIY tamper proof

This week images of a special screw, one that the poster claims is designed for the iPhone 5, surfaced. This screw looks more like a leftover screw form Stargate or the Fifth Element than something holding an iPhone together, but Apple is always working on making the lives of iPhone DIY’ers difficult. iPhone blog, iDownloadBlog shares […]

How To Make A SmartPhone Tripod Adapter For Any Phone For Under $10

DIY smartphone tripod

We are going to show you how to make your own smartphone tripod adapter which will allow you to use any smartphone with any tripod. This is especially handy if you want to attach your Android smartphone to a tripod or monopod to get a steady shot or record video of yourself. Unlike the iPhone, […]

10 iPhone Apps for DIY, Redecorating and Home Repair

Essential IPhone apps for DIY

The web is full of places to help you find your answers to home projects and help you save big on home repair and DIY projects, but even the mobile sites can’t compare to iPhone apps that deliver tools, tips and guides for home repair, redecorating and DIY projects. 10 iPhone Apps for DIY, Redecorating […]

Pixel Qi Display DIY Netbook Upgrade


Our friend Joanna Stern installed a Pixel Qi 3Qi display on her Lenovo IdeaPad S10-2 and the results look pretty good. The Pixel Qi transflective display, originally designed by the OLPC team, is now available from MakerShed for $275 and it appears to be a pretty simple upgrade. Outdoor transflective displays have been available on […]

Go incognito with a DIY iPad booksafe case


Ben at Carrypad has designed an outstanding DIY project for security-minded iPad owners to try: a case made from a book. Yes, we’ve all seen DIY booksafes before, but usually for hiding stuff in a bookshelf, not for hiding gadgets in plain sight.

DIY Multi-touch Surface Looks Like a Great Weekend Project


If you’re an industrious type, you might want to get your workshop ready: there’s a new multi-touch surface computer project at Instructables. Requires some big panels of acrylic, IR equipment, and a decent webcam (they suggest the PS3 Eye), as well as a recent computer (PC or Mac, but they suggest Windows 7 for the […]

Still Time to Hack 2009 Thanks to Lifehacker


Want to know 2009’s best tips, tricks, and hacks?  Look no further than Lifehacker’s popular Best of 2009 series.  Lifehacker, the popular site that helps you make life better in nearly every conceivable area, has published their best of 2009 tips and tricks.  Spend a few hours (literally) researching the year’s best DIY projects, most […]

Ruggedizing Your Own Device


We cover ruggedized mobile devices here at GBM whenever we get our hands on them. We’ve been known to toss MobileDemand devices around casinos, drop Otterbox cases in creeks, and even run over them in cars. But ruggedized devices are often too expensive for the consumer. So, if you think you might be bouncing your […]

Make it or Buy it?


Very little brings me the joy that’s experienced when a few pennies are pinched, dimes are saved, and dollars stay in my wallet.  A couple money saving projects I’ve completed this summer have been inspired by great do it yourself (DIY) web sites and articles that I have come across. The first summer cost-saving endeavor […]

OCZ Neutrino DIY Netbook Gets Reviewed

At the end of March, we brought you news of a new player in the netbook market that raised a few eyebrows. What set this netbook apart from the rest of the pack wasn’t its stellar design, groundbreaking processor, or any breathtaking innovation. Rather, the OCZ opted to let end users customize the netbook based […]

DIY Touch Screen for Acer Aspire One and Eee PC Now on eBay


You’ve got your Netbook and now you want touch, but you’re a bit too cautious to whip out a soldering iron. Well, this might do the trick for you if you have an Acer Aspire One or an Eee PC 900/901. It contains a 4-wire resistive touch panel with Mac, Linux, and Windows drivers and […]