US Carriers Relent and Agree to Cell Phone Unlocking

AT&T to Start Unlocking Off-Contract iPhones on April 8th

It took the threat of government regulation from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to bring this about but the major US carriers have relented and have agreed to six principals that will make it easier for customers to unlock their phones and be informed about how they can go about doing so. The five US […]

Apple Product Tracking Sites Springing Up Despite Prior DMCA Takedown

It’s raining Apple product tracking sites. We’ll maybe it’s just a sprinkle. Finding the new Apple product you’re looking for can be tricky in the first weeks after a release. This appears to be especially true with the supply constrained iPad mini with Retina Display. It only makes sense that enterprising web folk would come […]

iPad Mini Low Supply Warning? Apple Takes Down Supply Tracking Site


Though Tim Cook at a recent analyst call said that this holiday season was looking like an iPad Christmas, filling stockings with Retina Displays apparently has proven to be a real challenge for Apple. At the same time Cook also warned that supply might not meet demand. Word had been circulating since before the iPad […]

iPhone Unlocking Illegal Starting Saturday, Won’t Stop Users

iPhone unlocking

On Saturday it will be illegal for consumers to unlock their iPhone to use on another carrier without going through official carrier channels. The change to the Digital Millenium Copyright Act, commonly known as the DMCA, was made back in October, but allowed a 90 day window for consumers to buy and unlock their iPhone or other smartphone without […]

Definitions of U.S. Copyright Laws Restricts Smartphone, Tablet Users

In a review of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, also known as the DMCA, that first made it legal to jailbreak devices, the U.S. Copyright Office has now made definitions of copyright laws that limit the benefits to owners of smartphones and tablets. According to the U.S. Copyright Office, owners of smartphones may continue to […]

How to Help Keep iPhone Jailbreaking Legal

iPhone 4S

There was a time when jailbreaking your iPhone meant that you were breaking the law. Prior to a ruling in July of 2010, it was, in fact, illegal to do such a thing. That ruling though, which was made by the United States government, dictated that jailbreaking an iPhone or rooting an Android device was […]

U.S. Senate Proposes Jail Time for Illegal Streaming Videos


The U.S. Senate is proposing legislation that would create harsher punishments and make illegal video streaming a felony under the Commercial Felony Streaming Act. While the current laws under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act imposes stringent punishment on illegal video and music downloads, legal policy has thus far not kept up with streaming technologies. With […]

For Verizon, Rooting is the Point of No Return – Literally


Verizon Wireless is the latest party, following Apple, to not be taking rooting, hacking, or jailbreaking kindly. Though the U.S. Digital Copyright Millennium Act makes it legal to root or jailbreak your phone, Verizon Wireless does not have to honor your warranty if something wrong happens to your device, regardless of the cause of the […]

iPad 2 Now Jailbroken by Developers

iPad 2 Jailbreak

Developers have already managed to jailbreak the iPad 2, though at this point a date for a public release of the jailbreak solution is not yet available for consumers who have adopted Apple’s second-generation tablet. The process of jailbreaking, which opens up the tablet and the iOS operating system environment to functions and capabilities beyond […]