Top 13 Galaxy S6 Settings to Change

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You just took the Galaxy S6 out of the box and are checking out all the different settings and options, but you don’t know what settings to change and what to turn on or off to get the best Galaxy S6 experience. We’ll show you the right Galaxy S6 Settings to change to customize your […]

How to Fix iPhone that Doesn’t Ring, But Shows Voicemail

How to fix an iPhone that doesn't ring and sends calls straight to voicemail.

“Help, I am not getting calls, but my iPhone keeps showing voicemail!” This is a common complaint that we hear in Verizon, AT&T and the Apple Store from customers who are frustrated at missing calls because the iPhone doesn’t ring and then suddenly they see that they have voicemail. Users often think this is a major […]

How to Use Do Not Disturb on Mac

Do Not Disturb Mac OS X Yosemite

Apple makes it easy to see your notifications all in one place, but sometimes you don’t want iMessage notifications to interrupt your work while on your Mac. This guide will show you how to turn off iMessage notifications on your Mac running OS X Yosemite. Just like with Do Not Disturb on the iPhone, you […]

How to Use Blocking Mode on the Samsung Galaxy S5

Learn how to use Blocking Mode on the Galaxy S5.

Samsung includes a Do Not Disturb mode for the Galaxy S5, but you might have trouble finding it under the real name. The Galaxy S5 Do Not Disturb mode is actually called Blocking Mode, because it blocks calls and notifications and Apple already owns Do Not Disturb on smart phones. If you need to make […]

10 iPad Settings to Change Today for a Better Experience


When an iPad buyer gets their wonderful iPad mini or iPad Air home, they might eventually make their way to the iPad Settings screen and change a few things for a better experience. We wanted to share a few Settings that people usually don’t consider. Before continuing, connect the iPad to a computer via a […]

How to Use Do Not Disturb in iOS 7


Do Not Disturb in iOS 7 is a perfect way to silence calls, texts, notifications and alerts from every app and contact without using airplane mode or blocking a specific person. Apple debuted Do Not Disturb in an earlier version of iOS, but added a new feature in iOS 7 and the Do Not Disturb […]

Luna Cydia App: What Do Not Disturb Should Be in iOS 7

Luna Featured image

Luna is an amazing Cydia app that offers a better Do Not Disturb experience for iPhone and iPad users thanks to a pull down toggle and smarter notifications. Luna is what Do Not Disturb should be in iOS 7. Do Not Disturb is an iOS 6 feature that allows users to essentially block notifications from […]

iOS 6 Do Not Disturb Bug Fix Coming Next Week


Apple says that the iOS 6 Do Not Disturb bug that cropped up over the holiday will persist until next week as it will automatically fix itself once January 7th rolls around. Read: iOS 6 Do Not Disturb Won’t Turn Off After New Year. The company has posted a short message on its support page […]

iOS 6 Do Not Disturb Won’t Turn Off After New Year

iOS 6 Do Not Disturb Broken

The Do Not Disturb feature in iOS 6 is broken for many iPhone and iPad users after a New Year bug prevents scheduled Do Not Disturb sessions from ending, which may result in missed calls, texts and alerts. Do Not Disturb is a new feature in iOS 6 that allows users to stop notifications and […]

How to Use Do Not Disturb in iOS 6

How to Use Do Not Disturb on iOS 6 - 1

iOS 6 delivers a new feature to the iPhone and iPad that offers users more control over notifications. The Do Not Disturb setting allows users to block all incoming notifications to stop calls, texts and other intrusions from interrupting during a schedule or when users turn Do Not Disturb on. After using Do Not Disturb for […]

More iOS 6 Rumors Point to Do Not Disturb and iCloud Tabs

iOS 6 Do Not Disturb rumor

New iOS 6 rumors say Apple is bringing a few Mountain Lion features to the next version of iOS. According to 9To5Mac, Apple is bringing iCloud Tabs, Mail VIPs and Do Not Disturb to iOS in the next major update. Each of the features are already part of Mountain Lion, making them the first OS […]

Why I Want a Do Not Disturb Feature for the iPhone 5

iPhone Do Not Disturb iOS 6 Notification Center Feature

Apple’s latest software update to OS X Mountain Lion, the next version of Mac software, includes an incredibly handy Notification Center feature — a do not disturb option. The new do not disturb feature makes it simple to turn off all notifications on the notebook so I can focus on work instead of seeing software updates and […]