How to Delete Browser History on Android


Privacy is becoming more and more of a concern these days, especially when we use our smartphones for anything and everything. One question we continue to get is how to delete or clear your browser history on an Android smartphone or tablet. There are many different reasons a user may want to delete their internet […]

Dolphin Sonar for Android Lets You Search & Browse With Your Voice

Dolphin Sonar Screenshots

Today the Dolphin Browser for Android got a slick update that adds Dolphin Sonar, a Siri like feature that allows you to search and browse with your voice. Dolphin Sonar for Android is integrated into the Dolphin browser and offers simple voice controls for searches and common browser tasks. To activate Dolphin Sonar, you can […]

Evernote and Skitch Now Available As Dolphin Browser Add-ons

Evernote and Skitch Dolphin Browser add-ons

Users of Evernote and Skitch now have even more reasons to ditch the stock browser. Dolphin now has adds-ons for both apps which will integrate more of their functionality into the browser. Power users will appreciate the ability to draw or scribble on web content and clip web pages easier. And, since they’re add-ons, you […]

Dolphin Browser for iOS Gets a New Look, Adds GBM to Webzine Listings

GottaBeMobile Webzine Dolphin

One of my favorite alternate iPhone and iPad browsers, Dolphin Browser, got an update today that brings an updated look, performance improvements and adds GottaBeMobile toe the Webine listings so you can read your favorite mobile technology blog in a prettier layout on your iOS devices. The new Dolphin Browser v 3.0 is available for the […]

Dolphin Browser 7.0 Arrives With Browser Sync


The popular Dolphin Browser got Android just for a major upgrade today that takes your favorite browser to the cloud. The Dolphin Browser is a replacement for your standard Android browser that allows you to customize gestures, change your browser from mobile to desktop so that you can get your full browsing experience when you […]

Dolphin Browser Brings Touch Browsing to Android

One of the curious things about Google’s Android is that on most devices it doesn’t allow for multi-touch. Some say this is a part of some agreement with Apple, at least when it comes to multi-touch on phones, or at least a way to avoid legal hassles, since you know, Apple invented multi-touch. Of course […]