Geek Squad BackPacks Commercial: Note Taking Software Isn’t Legit

Geek Squad Commercial - Note Taking Software

As a professor who is constantly going back and telling students what I have already told them in a lecture I was excited to see the Geek Squad Backpack commercial, which shows a student taking notes with his computer’s built-in microphone, automatically transcribing the professor’s speech into text. While I was looking for the software which would […]

Dragon Go! Gets Us Closer to Voice Control on the iPhone

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Nuance Communications, the folks behind Dragon Naturally Speaking and other Dragon voice recognition products has released an iPhone App called Dragon Go! that gets us a little closer to controlling what we do on the iPhone using our voice. It is an improvement over what’s been there before. It’s not perfect, and it has some […]

Nuance and Apple Cozying Up: Announcement Expected at WWDC


Saturday we posted about the possibility that Apple may or may not be partnering with Nuance, makers of Dragon Naturally Speaking, and well known for its voice recognition software. As we said in that post, it looked like there were quite a few reasons why this made sense and then again, might not happen. MG […]

Apple May or May Not Be Buying/Partnering with Nuance for iOS


Speech recognition. Some think it is the holy grail of mobile computing. It just makes sense doesn’t it? You’ve got a device that you talk into for phone calls and you should be able to just talk to it and make it do what you want, right? But anyone who has ever looked seriously at […]

Dragon Dictation Comes to the iPhone


Dragon Naturally Speaking is one of the best speech solutions available for computing according to many. Nuance, the company behind Dragon Naturally Speaking, has now released Dragon Dictation for the iPhone, and several folks who have been in on the testing of it think it is a winner of a speech product for that mobile […]

Dragon Naturally Speaking 10.1 Runs on 64-Bit Vista, Windows 7


Nuance updated Dragon Naturally Speaking 10 so it will run on 64-Bit editions of Vista and Windows 7 Beta. Dragon Naturally Speaking 10.1 extends Dragon’s capabilities to Internet Explorer 8 and Firefox 3. Dragon Naturally Speaking transcribes speech and allows users to control their computers with voice commands. Dragon Naturally Speaking 10.1 also supports Internet […]

Dragon Medical 10 update, take a look!

Okay, I get that many of you may not be overly excited by reading about speech recognition. But, there are some of us who think speech recognition is just fascinating. I still derive great pleasure from talking to my computer. I am constantly amazed by the ability for a computer to understand my spoken language […]

Nuance Speech Recognition Technology Powers Microsoft SYNC


I had a lot of fun testing out Ford’s Escape Hybrid and their Microsoft SYNC technology. As I expressed in my posts and demoed in my videos, my kids and I had some struggles with the speech recognition aspect, though. During my evaluation, I was surprised to find out that Nuance ( the company behind […]

Quick Update On Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10 Professional

After a few weeks’ worth of use, I must say I am continually impressed by Nuance’s latest offering of voice recognition software. Things have been slow going as I have been completely bogged down with school, but with sporadic use while watching television (with the sound low) and late-night use in bed, the Motion F5 […]