Intel and Nuance Bring Siri-like Voice Control to Ultrabooks


Users will soon be able to control Ultrabooks with a Siri-like voice control solution. Nuance, the makers of Dragon NaturallySpeaking and Dragon Dictate, powerful voice dictation applications for Windows and Mac, partnered with Intel to create a useful new tool that brings tightly integrated voice control to Ultrabooks, thanks to the Nuance voice recognition engine. While many people […]

Dragon Dictate for Mac Is Making Me Productive Again

Screen shot 2011-02-28 at 9.46.33 AM

Having the ability to type is something I take for granted. So when it went away after an injury in the kitchen, I decided to take the opportunity to test out  Dragon Dictate for Mac again. It had been almost 10 years since I used the Windows version of the program. I honestly didn’t expect […]

Geek Lifestyle is Painful, But I’m Turning it Around


I’ve spent the past couple of weeks recuperating from a back strain. I didn’t lift anything too heavy or perform any strenuous activities. I simply tried to stand up after spending a couple of hours working on my notebook on my couch. The simple act of standing brought me to my knees and I spent the […]

Nuance ‘I Speak Dragon’ Contest

Screen shot 2010-06-04 at 12.30.02 PM

Nuance, the company behind Dragon NaturallySpeaking, MacSpeech Dictate and a host of other voice recognition products, is holding a contest and giving away three iPads and software as prizes. All you need to do is tell Nuance your Dragon/Dictate success story in written or video form. If you can speak faster than you can type […]