Motorola Assist Update Delivers Hands-Free Texting

Motorola has an array of apps on the Google Play Store the company has been updating on the fly, enabling them to improve its smartphone lineup without issuing software updates through carriers. One of the many is Motorola Assist, which just got a neat new feature. This week Motorola Assist received an update through the […]

Woman Falls Off Pier While Texting


Texting and Driving. Texting and Walking. Tweeting and Driving. All Bad! While you might want to chuckle, it’s a pretty serious issue. Not paying attention while fiddling with your phone could cause something much worse than taking a swim without warning. Imaging walking in downtown New York just texting away and you don’t realize that […]

Stories Like These Will Decrease ‘Driving While Texting’

The California Highway Patrol is in the midst of a crackdown, issuing hundreds of tickets per day to drivers who are texting or talking without a hands-free kit of some kind. A lot of experts and politicians are chiming in on the matter, but I don’t think the masses listen to research wonks as much […]