The 5 Best Android Smartphones [January, 2012]

Droid 4

At the end of 2011, we saw a flurry of smartphone releases including those of the HTC Rezound, the Motorola Droid RAZR and the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Then, just last week in Las Vegas, CES 2012 saw the introductions of several new phones that are slated for release in the coming weeks. So needless to […]

Motorola Droid 3 Price Drops Ahead of Droid 4 Launch

Droid 3

At CES 2012 last week, Motorola and Verizon showed off the new Motorola Droid 4, a phone that is set to replace the Droid 3 in the weeks ahead. And now, just ahead of the launch of the carrier’s latest in the Droid series, Big Red has deemed the Droid 3 worthy of a substantial […]

Best of CES 2012


The GottaBeMobile team has been roaming Las Vegas for the past week checking out the best that CES 2012 has to offer. And while we have seen a ton of great new gear, there have certainly been a handful of devices that stand above the rest. What you’ll find here are the gadgets and gizmos […]

Droid 4 and LG Spectrum Getting Global Roaming Later This Year

Droid 4

Two of the phones that Verizon Wireless announced here at CES 2012, the Motorola Droid 4 and the LG Spectrum, will both be getting global roaming capabilities enabled sometime later on this year according to a statement to Phonescoop from company spokesperson Brenda Raney. This is big news because none of the phones in Verizon’s […]

Motorola Droid 4 to Cost $249 on Verizon?

Motorola Droid 4

At CES 2012, Verizon announced two new Droid phones from Motorola. The Motorola Droid RAZR MAXX and the Motorola Droid 4. And while it priced the Droid RAZR MAXX at $299 on a new two-year contract, it failed to attach a price to the Droid 4. Well, Droid-Life seems to have solved the mystery with […]

Motorola Droid 4 Hands-on Video

Screen Shot 2012-01-10 at 12.23.58 AM

Earlier today, Verizon announced the oft-rumored Motorola Droid 4 and while we still don’t know exactly when it’s going to be coming to shelves (Motorola and Verizon say in the coming weeks), we were able to go hands-on with it today at CES 2012. The Droid 4 is the fourth incarnation of the original Droid […]

Verizon Announces the Motorola Droid 4

Motorola Droid 4

While we had seen¬†Motorola Droid 4¬†details leak out a number of times in the past couple of months, Verizon refused to make it official. That is until today when Big Red finally announced the 4G LTE successor the Motorola Droid 3, a device that launched a mere five months ago. Unfortunately, there are no surprises […]

Droid 4 Accessories Start Arriving in Stores

Droid 4

Over the weekend, it appears that accessories for the still unofficial but oft-leaked Motorola Droid 4 began arriving in stores (how many, we aren’t sure about) here in the United States which seems to point to an imminent launch on Verizon, possibly as soon as CES in Las Vegas. The news comes a day after […]

Leaked Droid 4 Audio Bits Suggest Verizon Was Gearing Up for December Launch


The often leaked and rumored Motorola Droid 4, successor to the Droid 3 and the original Motorola Droid, was speculated to have been launched on December 22, but the device was mysteriously delayed by Verizon. Following a series of brief appearances on Verizon’s website, the device in recent weeks, the device appeared to be […]

Motorola Droid 4 Appears in New Official Images

Droid 4

It’s still unclear exactly when the Motorola Droid 4 will be launching on Verizon’s 4G LTE network but that hasn’t stopped the phone from showing up in a couple of brand new official images today giving us yet another glimpse at the elusive device. The photos, courtesy of Droid-Life, were pulled from a Droid SWF […]

Leaked Document Suggests Droid 4’s Launch Pushed Back to February


The Motorola Droid 4, an Android handset with a QWERTY slide-out keyboard and 4G LTE support on Verizon’s network, was speculated to arrive today, December 22. Given that there hasn’t been any word of a release from Verizon nor Motorola, we can assume that the handset won’t be coming today. Additionally, it appears that Verizon […]

Motorola Droid 4 Appears on Verizon’s Droid Does Site

Droid 4

It’s becoming quite clear that Verizon is gearing up to announce the Motorola Droid 4 and today’s evidence comes in the form of the device making a quick appearance on Verizon’s Droid Does website. Remember, we have heard that Verizon is going to be launching this bad boy on December 22nd which isn’t too far-fetched […]

Motorola Droid 4 Release Date Pegged for December 22nd

Droid 4

We had thought that the Motorola Droid 4 would launch alongside the Samsung Galaxy Nexus on December 15th. Well, as we now know, that did not happen as Verizon launched the Galaxy Nexus all by itself. However, that doesn’t mean that hope for a 2011 launch is lost. In fact, new evidence has surfaced indicating […]

Motorola Droid 4 Rumor Roundup: Hardware, Release Date, Pricing

Droid 4

Back in September, to the surprise and disbelief of Android enthusiasts and Droid 3 owners everywhere, a phone for Verizon called the Motorola Droid 4 leaked out. Why the surprise? Well, the Motorola Droid 3 at the time had only been out for two months. It came out in July of this year. Needless to […] Briefly Does Droid 4


Motorola’s fourth generation QWERTY slider Android smartphone for Verizon’s network was glimpsed on the carrier’s webpage, showing off a form factor similar to the recently released tablet Droid RAZR. The Droid 4will have a 5-row edge-lit keyboard and was rumored to be coming on December 8, though that speculated launch never materialized. The device […]

Galaxy Nexus Hitting Verizon on December 9th, Droid 4 on December 8th?

Galaxy Nexus

Verizon, even though it has announced the next versions of the Motorola Xoom, has yet to give release dates for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus or Motorola Droid 4. However, it appears that we might have some solid intel on when they are going to be arriving. Engadget has gathered some evidence that seems to point […]

Motorola Droid 4 Release on Verizon Gets Closer

Droid 4

We have heard that Verizon might be planning to launch the Motorola Droid 4 on the same day as the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and we have heard that that day might be December 8th. Or December 9th. Well, while those dates are still uncertain, we do know one thing. The Droid 4, or a device […]

Motorola Droid 4 Appears in New Photos

Droid 4

If you’ve been waiting for a full-QWERTY Droid with 4G LTE capabilities then the Motorola Droid 4 is probably on your radar. We still don’t have an official release date yet, although we suspect it could launch alongside the Galaxy Nexus on December 8th, but we do have a lot of evidence of its existence […]

Droid 4 Official Photos Leak; Specs Compared to Droid RAZR

Droid 4

A few days ago, we heard that the Motorola Droid 4 might launch on December 8th, the same day as the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Well, that date is looking pretty good as a mountain of evidence of the Droid 4’s existence surfaced over the weekend in the form of a couple official photos as well […]

Verizon Motorola Droid 4 Accessories Leak Ahead of Launch


Verizon’s Droid 4 leaks get better every time. After an anticipated, yet still unofficial, launch date of December 8, we are now seeing some of the compatible accessories that will be available for this Webtop-enabled smartphone. The first accessory is a Lapdock 100, which is a more compact and lighter accessory that converts your smartphone […]