Judge Says Let There Be Commercial Drones


Are you ready for drones buzzing over your head delivering packages, pizza and beer? Depending on how the government regulators and courts eventually decide that might just be in our future. A National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) judge has ruled that commercial drones are indeed legal to fly our friendly skies, which strikes down an […]

Netflix Spoofs Amazon Drones with Drone to Home Video


There’s nothing like a little humor at the end of a long day. Or to begin a new one, depending on when you read this post. Everyone got excited at the end of last year when Amazon began talking about its Amazon Drone delivery service called Prime Air, that features drones flying through the air […]

Amazon Prime Air Drone Delivery Is a ‘Fantasy,’ Says eBay CEO


Amazon has been the center of attention ever since the company unveiled its plans to deliver small packages to local households within 30 minutes using drones. The company calls it Amazon Prime Air, and UPS even says it’s experimenting with a similar drone delivery service. However, eBay CEO John Donahue really isn’t a big fan, […]

Amazon Prime Air Already Threatened by ‘SkyJack’ Hacking Drones


Amazon’s publicity stunt earlier this week has certainly caught the eye of pretty much everyone interested in new delivery technologies, which again, is pretty much everyone since we all want our packages to arrive as soon as possible. However, there are way too many factors that make Amazon Prime Air not really feasible yet, namely […]

UPS to Compete with Amazon Prime Air with Own Drone Fleet


UPS is said to be researching the use of drones for package delivery in order to compete with Amazon’s Prime Air service, according to The Verge. Amazon was the talk of the town Sunday night when company CEO Jeff Bezos revealed Prime Air for the first time on 60 Minutes. UPS says that this isn’t […]

Prime Air: Drones Delivering Packages Intro’d by Bezos on 60 Minutes


All weekend CBS and its news magazine 60 Minutes have been teasing a special surprise that would be unveiled during an interview with Amazon honcho Jeff Bezos tonight, Sunday December 1. Of course speculation on the Internet was rampant. Especially after the teaser showed noted and usually unflappable interviewer Charlie Rose walking into a room […]