Samsung Galaxy S5 vs Galaxy S4 Video Shows Improved Durability

See how the Galaxy S5 vs Galaxy S4 durability tests turn out.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 release brings a new design that is water-resistant and dust-resistant, but it is not a rugged smartphone. With a new design potential buyers want to know if in addition to withstanding water, the Galaxy S5 can survive drops and other abuse. A new video shows the Galaxy S5 vs Galaxy S4 […]

Why 20% Of You Should Buy an iPad Warranty

broken ipad 2

The iPad is a well designed tablet, but it isn’t an unbreakable tablet. According to SquareTrade’s iPad reliability study, published this week, the iPad 2 is 3.5 times more likely to break than the original iPad. Part of this is thanks to the thinner glass used on the front of the iPad. During the first year, 9.8% […]

Pelican i1015 iPhone Case Review: Ready for Drops, Water and More

Pelican i1015 iPhone case

If you need an iPhone case that can handle your active lifestyle, the Pelican i1015 may be a good choice. This isn’t a slim case by any means, but if you like to take your iPhone hiking, biking and to the beach this is a good option. For about $20 you get a water-resistant, dustproof, […]

19% of Smartphone Users Drop Phones In the Toilet

smartphone toilet use

File this under, why never to shake hands with strangers. According to a survey 39% of smartphone users take their phone into the restroom and an astonishing 19% have dropped their phone into the toilet. That’s right, one in five people you meet today, and possibly shake their hands, are using a smartphone which has spent time in a toilet. Ready […] Destroys Smartphones for Your Viewing Pleasure

Screen shot 2010-11-19 at 9.32.05 AM

Destroying gadgets on video’s nothing entirely new. The guys from have been doing that for years. But the guys from are much more methodical and stress smartphones in a manner that’s actually useful for potential smartphone buyers. Instead of just shooting, blending or dropping smartphones, performs several measured tests on each device, […]