CT Magazine of Germany reviews Core Duo Tablet PCs

A loyal GottaBeMobile.com reader, Lars Goldenbogen from Munich, Germany, has shared this comparative review of several popular Core Duo tablet PC’s as published by CT Magazine of Germany. It is published in German and will be a great resource for our large and growing German readership. Included in the review are the Asus R1F, the Fujitsu T4215, HP tc4400, Lenovo X60, and […]

Kendrick Says Dual Cor cPC Has The Vapors

Ouch. Both GBM’s own Rob Bushway and Judie at Gear Diary have published interviews with DualCor cPC CEO Rob Howe asking questions about the delay(s) and false starts of this intriguing device. Through the CEO speak you can ascertain that there is still no solid info to relate, and of course that raises a few eyebrows. […]

Gear Diary Clears Up Some DualCor cPC Questions

The DualCor cPC has certainly been a subject of much talk. Word of the device it like gangbusters last January (or was it December?) and the dual processor device intrigued quite a few mobile warriors. Who wouldn’t be interested in a device that could run both XP and Windows Mobile? But the DualCor cPC has […]

GottaBeMobile.com talks with DualCor’s Rob Howe

In the past several days, I’ve received a couple of inquiries regarding DualCor and the status of the DualCor cPC. Yesterday, I left a message with Rob Howe, DualCor’s President and COO and he called me this morning to talk about where DualCor is right now, the status of the cPC, and a peek into what […]

DualCor CPC in the wild

Judie at the Gadgeteer.com, has been waiting anxiously for the DualCor CPC and has purchased an engineering sample of the CPC. Judie is the first person I’m aware of that has actually been able to purchase one. She has just posted some of the unboxing pictures and promises more insights on using the CPC as […]

DualCor cPC: A Long Time Birthing

I’m not sure what is more intriguing, the DualCor cPC as a mobile device itself, or its long and winding journey to customers’ hands. No question this is one of the more interesting sounding devices I’ve heard about in awhile, with its dual operating systems. But we’ve heard some interesting back and forth on some key decisions […]

David Ciccone resigns from DualCor

David Ciccone just posted on his blog that he has resigned from DualCor Technologies. Dave joined DualCor in January as their Director of Strategic Alliances. Dave will be joining a new company outside the Ultra Portable arena. DualCor is working on a dual PDA Phone and full XP Origami device. They have had several management change overs […]

MOTR NYC Meetup: Gadgets And Geeks Galore

The MobileTech Rounderuupers, James Kendrick, Kevin Tofel, and Dave Ciccone, held a meetup for their MobileTech Roundup podcast fans in NYC last night. I was at one point hoping to attend, but real life does intrude on these things, so I have been looking forward to enjoying the after-action reports. And by the looks of […]

Some good DualCor info

I’ve been talking with Dave Ciccone, Director of Strategic Alliances at DualCor, and I’ve learned some more information about the upcoming DualCor cPC that we’ve all been hearing about lately. First of all, the DualCor MSRP will be $1999 and they will be selling the cPC via authorized resellers nationally within 90 days. That means […]

DualCor connectivity thoughts

As I posted this past weekend, DualCor connectivity options ( bluetooth, wi-fi, and 3g) are all through Compact Flash and USB dongles. There is nothing built in to the device. Like JK, this really disappoints me and probably makes the DualCor cPC a no-go for me personally. I have a no worries solution with my treo […]

DualCor cPC to be shipping within 90 days

I just got an email from DualCor notifying me that the DualCor cPC UltraMobile PC will be shipping in the next 90 days. As you might know, the DualCor cPC will run Windows Mobile 5.0 and Windows XP Tablet PC edition simulataneously, but use Compact Flash cards to alternate between connectivity between phone and wireless. […]

The DualCor cPC is an UMPC

DualCor continues to update their website and as a follow-on to the post I made last week about them adding “Origami UI control” as an optional add-on, they have now added a page that says “ DualCor cPC is a UMPC “. The chart below is from their UMPC page where they compare the standard […]

DualCor cPC details starting to emerge

I was just checking out the DualCor website and noticed that they have provided some really good details on the DualCor cPC, with complete specs. Once of the things I noticed in the specs is that it says “Origami UI option”. The other interesting thing is that the cPC appears to be running the Via 1.5 ghz processor on […]

DualCor announces LEAP program

DualCor  has published a Press Release announcing LEAP: Leadership Early  Adopter Program. The release doesn’t contain any info on how to apply, so I assume a place to start would be their contact page. DualCor Technologies, Inc., a leading provider of strategic enterprise mobility solutions, today announced its DualCor Leadership Early Adopter Program (LEAP). The DualCor LEAP provides […]