Duracell Powermat GoPower Review


Duracell Powermat’s GoPower is an external battery pack that can work as a standalone solution to charge any of your USB-powered gadgets or one that integrates with a PowerSnap Kit. The GoPower is available in three different configurations, depending on how much added power you’ll need on the road. At the basic, a GoPower Day […]

Duracell Powermat PowerSnap Kit Review: iPhone 5 Wireless Charging

Duracell Powermat PowerSnap Kit 6

The Duracell Powermat PowerSnap Kit brings wireless charging to the iPhone 5 for those users who want an external battery for their phone and who absolutely hate using a Lightning cable. While the Qi standard spreads throughout the Android and Windows Phone ecosystem, iPhone users are left without an official wireless charging option, which is […]