Amazon Resurrects Huge Kindle DX E-Reader From the Dead


After having discontinued its large 9.7-inch Kindle DX e-reader in October 2012, Amazon is now bringing back the hardware that’s unchanged from its release since 2009. It’s unclear why Amazon is quietly re-introducing the tablet in 2013; the company so far has not issued a statement or press release, only to allow the Kindle DX […]

Amazon May Finally Release Color Kindle E-Reader Thanks to Latest Acquisition


Amazon has confirmed that it had acquired the Liquavista business from Samsung, a move that could potentially allow the Internet retailer to finally launch an affordable color e-ink Kindle e-reader in due time. Samsung had not done much with Liquavista since it had acquired the company; it was rumored that color e-ink displays based on […]

Finally A Useful Dual-Screen Smartphone


A new phone from Yota Devices is one of the first phones to use both a LCD and E-Ink display. The YotaPhone uses two 4.3-inch displays, a LCD display on one side, and an E-Ink display on the other. The YotaPhone runs Android 4.2 Jelly Bean and uses a dual-core 1.5GHz Snapdragon processor which powers both […]

Popslate Adds 4-inch E-Ink Screen To iPhone 5

Popslate iPhone 5 case

The Popslate is a new iPhone 5 case that can change its appearance easily with minimal effort. The Popslate is a thin, rugged iPhone 5 case that adds a 4-inch E-Ink display to the back of the phone which lets users choose what image they want to display to the world at any given time. […]

Onyx EINK Android Smartphone Boasts Week-Long Battery Life


Move over Motorola with the Maxx series (Droid RAZR Maxx, Droid RAZR HD Maxx) smartphones as Onyx International’s new EINK Android smartphone with an e-ink display will last on a single charge for up to a week. The company’s phone uses screen technology that’s more typically found on e-book readers, such as the Amazon Kindle […]

Nook Simple Touch Hack Brings Multi-Touch to Barnes & Noble’s E-Ink Reader


While Barnes & Noble had conceived its Nook Simple Touch as a simple greyscale E-Ink electronic book reader, that’s not stopping developers and hackers from envisioning additional capabilities for the device. As the device runs a customized version of the Android operating system at its core, and like its color LCD counterparts in the forms […]

Amazon Ready to Launch Color E-Ink Kindle Touch Readers?


Digitimes is reporting that Amazon has ordered color e-ink panels from E Ink Holdings. The 6-inch color e-ink panels could potentially make it into the next generation Kindle Touch e-readers, which would be the first e-ink readers from Amazon to feature a color display. Though Amazon has the Kindle Fire tablet, based on Google’s Android […]

Amazon Kindle Touch Review: Best eInk Reader Yet

The Kindle Family of eReaders

The Amazon Kindle Touch improves upon the Kindle 4 in two very important ways, making it the best new e-Reader for a very attractive price (yes, even at $20 more than the Kindle 4). It has the best combination of features and price. Which makes it an even better e-ink e-reader than the Kindle 4, which I […]

Sony to Refresh Reader Lineup of E-Ink E-Readers Next Month


A new generation of e-ink-based Sony Reader devices are expected to be introduced next month according to the Bloomberg. In an interview, Sony vice president of digital reading told the publication that the company will introduce new software and hardware in August. The plan is that the e-readers will be made available to customers before […]

First Google eBooks Reader Set to Launch


With the tablet market (or, as some would call it, the iPad market) getting most of the attention, it’s easy to forget about the eReader wars. The Kindle is still the most famous, but Barnes & Noble’s recent reboot of the Nook (along with the tablet hybrid Nook Color) has been turning a lot of heads as […]

Kobo Invites Readers to Touch Books With New Reader


At the Book Expo America conference, Kobo has debuted its new e-book reader, which eschews buttons in favor of a touch experience similar to Barnes & Noble’s announcements today and the latest crop of Sony Reader hardware. The device was announced a day before the Barnes & Noble announcement, and sports a slate form factor […]

New Nook E-Ink E-Reader Coming Later This Month?


There’s been chatter that Barnes & Noble is getting ready to introduce a second-generation e-ink-based Nook electronic reader to replace the original Nook. The new e-ink reader would be released help Barnes & Noble better compete against Amazon’s Kindle 3, which offers a newer, better electronic ink display that’s even easier on the eyes with […]

Hybrid E-Ink, LCD Apple Mobile Device to Challenge Kindle

Patent 2

Apple may be looking to more aggressively tackle Amazon and the e-reader market with its latest patent filing for a hybrid display system that can dynamically switch between an e-ink display and an LCD display depending on the application used. The Apple system would, like its graphics options on computers, not require the intervention of […]

Sony Turns Sony Reader Into Android, iPhone Apps


Sony is taking the route that Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Borders are taking by not only offering hardware for its e-book ecosystem in the form of the Sony Reader, but by also making digital reading available on other platforms. The company is saying that an app for its Sony Reader platform will be available […]

Hybrid E-Ink, AMOLED Display Technology Aims to Conserve Battery Life


We’ve heard of varying screen technologies that are being developed and emerging that helps to reduce power drain and improve sunlight visibility, including color e-ink, Pixel Qi screens, AMOLED and Super AMOLED technologies, and those from Qualcomm in the form of the Mirasol displays. However, a new hybrid display aims to improve battery life in […]

E Ink Triton Brings Color to E-Readers, But Is It Ready for Primetime?


There are a number of screen display alternatives to LCD that is vying for the limelight, including Pixel Qi and Mirasol, both of which promises video, color, and sunlight readability in addition to long battery life when compared to LCD. In addition, there’s also E Ink Holdings, which is responsible for the E Ink screen […]

Color e-Ink Screens On The Horizon


We’ve seen Barnes & Noble announce a Nook with a color screen for its eBook Reader, but that’s an LCD display. Color e-Ink screens are the development that everyone is looking down the road for. Well, it looks like we might be seeing the first iteration of that. Although Amazon and Sony are still not […]

FFS: Better displays through FFS, capacitive touch, and EMR


According to a report out of Digitimes, E Ink Holdings, maker of e-ink displays, will increase production of their FFS (fringe filed switching) LCD panels. In addition, capacitive touch and electromagnetic (active) panels for their e-ink displays are in the works, and a partner will be showing off their color e-ink display later this year.

IREX Technologies files for bankruptcy protection


IREX Technologies, maker of various e-ink-based eReaders, including the Iliad with Wacom digitizer for pen input, has filed for bankruptcy protection in the Netherlands due in part to delays leading to a missed holiday sales season.