Turn down your screen brightness before sleeping


Sitting in bed with my Tablet PC, I came across an article from the LA Times (via Gizmodo) that explained why back-lit screens can mess with your sleep more than displays like e-ink that rely on ambient light.  The examples cited are the iPad and Kindle, respectively, but it applies to all devices with displays, […]

The future may be e-ink on your wrist


Not every military project should make its way to civilian use, like depleted uranium shells, but I hope to see this one from HP soon: a wrist-mounted, solar-powered, e-ink computer display. Finally, an e-ink display I want to use.

Can The Kindle (or other readers) Save American Journalism?

Hot on the news of the release of the Amazon Kindle 2 came word that Hearst Corp was going to release an electronic reader of its own. Devices that use the digital e-Ink displays seem to pop up every day or so as does the bad news of another newspaper suffering or falling into bankruptcy. […]

Hearst to Produce Wireless e-Reader


I should begin this post with “it’s about time,” and I guess I just did. Hearst Corp., like all print publishers, is having a hard go of things lately, and of course those financial difficulties began long before we started talking about the global economic chaos we are all living through. It was just a […]

Amazon Kindle 2 To Be Unveiled on February 9


It looks like Amazon will unveil the anticipated Kindle 2 on February 9 at a press conference in New York City. We’ve seen supposed pictures of what this might be before, but we’ll know for sure in a few weeks. Apparently the real change will be using the Broadsheet microchip from Epson and E-Ink, (currently […]

Hands On Video With Samsung’s Papryus E-Ink Device

Sierra did a great of unearthing Samsung’s Papryus E-Ink device. It has generated a lot of comments and interest from the community. Today, I spent some some hands-on time with the device and shot this video. It’s worth pointing out that Sierra happened across a black one, while the one I played with was green. […]

Polymer Vision Blends E-book and Connectivity

The Readius pocket-sized e-book reader by Polymer Vision has confirmed that they’re still planning to launch in the fall. When I first discovered the Readius back in February, I couldn’t quite get past the way it was being marketed as a combo cellphone and e-book reader. It appears that the company has rightly recognized that […]

Wacom and E Ink Partner Up to Bring Pen Input to Paper Displays

This has tremendous potential for those of us who like to read e-books / newspapers and mark them up using a digital pen: From EarthTimes.org Wacom and E Ink Corporation announced today a partnership that will integrate Wacom’s Penabled(R) digital pen input solution with E Ink’s Vizplex(TM) electronic paper displays. With pen input high on […]