GottaBeFunded: Pebble Smart Watch for iPhone & Android

Pebble smart watch for iPhone

The Pebble Smart Watch has apps, iPhone connectivity and an affordable price, all it needs is a bit of funding to make it to the market. Pebble is an E-Paper smart watch with apps that connects over Bluetooth to iPhone and Android smartphones with a host of different features. I was drawn to the Pebble […]

Fujitsu To Announce Improved Color e-Paper Displays


Fujitsu Laboratories is set to announce improved color e-Paper displays at the Fujitsu Forum exhibition in Tokyo May 13-14. Supposedly these displays are quite a bit brighter (up to 1/3rd brighter with a 7:1 contrast ratio). More importantly Fujitsu is saying that new driver technology will allow the screens to redraw in 0.7 seconds. The […]

Bridgestone Working on a Color e-Paper Device with Wacom Pen Input


I’m waiting to see who will be the first e-Paper or e-Book maker who brings a device to market that uses real pen input. I’m not sure Bridgestone (yes the tire manufacturer) will be the first one, but this device sure looks interesting. Apparently they’ve not only got a color e-Paper device in the works […]