Amazon Kindle comes to Target

Amazon Kindle

It looks like Amazon is hoping on the same bandwagon as the Sony e-readers and the Barnes and Noble nook.  They are looking to bring their e-reader, the Amazon Kindle, to a brick and mortar retailer.  And who did they choose?  Target! Target has announced that it will begin to carry the Amazon Kindle this […]

Updates and new products from B&N and the nook


It looks things over at Barnes & Noble are picking up.  First, there was the announcement about the nook being carried at Best Buy.  Now, it looks like there is going to be some new nooks on the block.  According to an article over at Gizmodo, the nook 2 and a Wi-Fi only nook are […]

The B&N nook comes to Best Buy


Up until this week, anyone interested in buying the Barnes and Nobel e-reader, the nook, had either had to go to a Barnes and Noble store, or go online to their web site.  Well, it looks like B&N is going to change their marketing strategy with allowing nooks to be sold at Best Buy.  This […]

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions- an E-reader for meIhaveask


I have been racking my brain over the idea of buying an e-reader for myself.  I am going overseas for 2 1/2 weeks via cruise ship and I dont relish the idea of bring books in my suitcase.  My suitcase may be on wheels, but its still heavy– and when you add books…Oy.  It also […]

Amazon Kindle 2?

The Boy Genius Report is showing off pictures of what BGR is saying is the Amazon Kindle 2 e-Book Reader, as well as a report from a source who has supposedly gone hands on with the new design. I have to say, I’m not impressed, but then the original form factor didn’t excite me either. […]

Sony Updates e-Book Reader

Sony is rolling out an update to its digital e-Book Reader with the PRS-700. From what I’m reading it looks like the updates include an LED for night time reading, (although not a backlight, it comes from the side), a six inch touch screen, and more memory on board. David Carnoy at Crave says it […]

The Codex Project: Multiple Tablet PC Displays

Our good friend is at it again. Microsoft Research’s Ken Hinckley has unveiled a prototype project he’s working on called The Codex that brings two OQO Model 02’s together to take advantage of a multiple tablet pc configuration. Ken showed off this prototype to Warner, Craig, and me back in April and we were blown […]

iRex Intros New e-Readers, Makes Your Wallet Cry

New e-Readers from iRex are causing a double-take, especially from those who are cash conscious in these challenging economic times. The features look nice: 3G, WiFi, Bluetooth, and digitizer – but at $850, I’m not sure they will be flying off the shelf. via Engadget   Technorati Tags: iRex,e-Reader

Video of the Plastic Logic E-Book Reader

There may have been others, but this is the first video I’ve seen of Plastic Logic’s E-Book Reader. I’m not sure the large size of this devcie makes sense in my case, but the thinness is sure nice.   Via Michelle’s Blog Tags: Plastic+Logic, E-Books

Plastic Logic Set to Unveil New Digital E-Reader

Plastic Logic is going to introduce a version of an electronic newspaper today. The lightweight plastic screen is about the size of a sheet of paper. Still unnamed,it is using the same E Ink technology that the Sony eReader and the Amazon Kindle use on their devices. The size difference between the Kindle/e-Reader and this […]

Sony Reader Gets an Update

Today, I’m singing the “Early Adopter Blues”. As many people know, I have a 1st generation Sony Reader, the PRS-500. The 2nd generation Reader, the PRS-505, just got an update to the firmware that includes features I’d love to have: automatic reflow for PDF, and support for Adobe Digital Editions and the ePub formats. If […]

Fujitsu Introduces Color E-reader

Fujitsu’s Frontech subsidiary announced plans to release a color e-paper e-reader this fall. The $940 A4-sized FLEPia will have a color non-backlit display, wireless download capabilities, and offer around 50 hours of operation on a single charge. Unfortunately, there is no word on availability of the FLEPia outside of Japan. Via CrunchGear Technorati Tags: E-reader,Fujitsu,Color […]