Best Android Earbuds Under $100

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A few years back headphones for mobile devices were often just cheap earbuds that came with an iPod purchase or your smartphone for free, but over the years they’ve improved and there is now a wide selected of excellent headphones or earbuds specifically for Android users. The white Apple iBuds were popular for years, but […]

Why Your iPhone EarPod Cables are Always Tangled & How to Stop It


Tangled earbud cables are a first world problem that at one time or another afflicts most mobile users. At least those who use earbuds or Apple’s EarPods. It almost seems like the cables have been designed to tangle up in your pocket or your gear bag. And the law of timing says that they will […]

UberBuds Bluetooth Earbuds Great for Outdoors but Weak Connection

uberbuds color options

The UberBuds from Musemini sound decent and work better outdoors than most stereo Bluetooth earbuds, but suffer from a poor Bluetooth connection. We tested them out and enjoyed using them, except when the connection intermittently drops out. We’ve tested a few sets of Bluetooth earbuds and had hopes that the UberBuds would compare well to […]

Phiaton PS 210 BTNC Bluetooth Headphones: Unobtrusive, Amazing Sound

Phiaton PS 210 BTNC Bluetooth eartbuds

We love the Phiaton PS 210 BTNC Bluetooth noise cancelling headphones. They sound great with active noise cancelling built-in and they worked well with every device we tried, offering easy connections, a consistent connection and long range. They even look cool and feel comfortable despite the large earbud housing. The Phiaton PS 210 BTNC earbuds […]

Kordl Review: The $10 Gadget That Keeps Your Earbuds Tangle Free

kordl cord minder

This tiny piece of plastic turns a clutter of tangled headphone, or ear bud wires, into something simple and easy to manage. The Kordl keeps the cords from turning into a mess as users carry their earbuds with them in their pockets, purses or cluttered computer bags where wires usually create an annoying knot. Other […]

Phiaton Moderna MS 200 Earbuds Sound Great to You… and Others Nearby

phiaton moderna ms 200

The Phiaton Moderna MS 200 Earbuds look cool and sound awesome. Listeners will love them, but so will their neighbors. That’s not a good thing! When we opened the Phiaton Moderna MS 200 we had high expectations thanks to the quality packaging and cool look. The Phiaton copy on their website describes them as having an “opulent […]

Take a Peak Inside Apple’s new EarPods


Normally a tear down of a pair of earbuds wouldn’t warrant a post on a blog not related specifically to earbuds, however the new Apple EarPods mark a significant upgrade in quality and comfort from many early reviews. The new Apple EarPods ship in a small carrying case, even the pair included with the iPhone […]

EarPods Are the New Earphones for Apple

Apple Earbuds New

Once featured iconically in iPod and iTune ads with silhouetted dancers, Apple is now redesigning its iconic white earbuds. The new earbuds are now called EarPods and took Apple’s engineering team three years to design. The challenge? A one-size-fits-all design for everyone’s different ears. EarPods are designed to direct sound into the ear, according to […]

a-JAYS Four Ear Buds Review: Tangle Free & iOS Remote Control


The a-JAYS Four Ear Buds solve the age old problem of tangled earbuds and pack in a handy iOS remote control and decent sound. a-JAYS hits it out of the park with their a-JAYS Four Ear Buds for iPhone or iPad. The headphones use a flat, “tangle-free”, cable instead of the traditional round headphone cables. The […]

Apple Wants To Build Better Looking Unibody Earbuds

Apple Unibody Earbuds

Apple’s earbuds have never been amazing by any stretch, but new patents show the company wants to at least make them look a lot nicer. Two new Apple patents show a new way to give earbuds a “unibody” design. According to AppleInsider the patents will make earbuds look like a single piece of plastic when […]