Apple Leads the Tech Pack in Earth Day PR


Earth Day 2014 is here and with it are activities and promotions to highlight the benefits and necessity of doing what we can to protect the planet we live on. Communities and companies around the globe are making special efforts to help clean up our environment and bring focus to efforts we and they can […]

Top 9 Earth Day Gadgets: Save Energy, Save Money, Save The Earth


Earth Day is probably the one day out of the year that most people think about the environment, so make it count. Snag a gadget that will make your home more energy-efficient, keep your mobile gadgets powered, or don’t add to the horror of landfills. While you’re at it, do a little spring cleaning and […]

Why Ford Should Make a Green Smartphone


While smartphone manufacturers have moved past the days of neon green trim on green smartphones, environmentally friendly smartphones remain niche products that cannot stand on their own merits. We shouldn’t need to choose between a green smartphone and a great smartphone. Take the LG Optimus Elite, a new green Android smartphone with a paltry 800Mhz processor that […]

Sprint Announces Eco-Friendly LG Optimus Elite Ahead of Earth Day


Ahead of Earth Day, Sprint has announced that it will be bringing the LG Optimus Elite mid-range Android smartphone to the masses starting on April 22nd. The handset boasts solid specs for a mid-range number, along with environmentally build materials, such as a shell that’s made from 50 percent recycled plastics and a phone that’s […]

Eco-Talk: Are You Carrying Hazardous Waste in Your Pocket?


How important is it to turn in your old cellular phone for recycling? How does your mobile phone usage and behavior impact the world at large? And are you aware that you are in fact carrying hazardous waste everyday in your pocket, purse, or bag? These were some of the questions that were asked, answered, […]

Weekly Wrap Up: Notebook, Tablet and Smart Phone News for April 22nd

iphone tracking

This past week was a big one, with iPhone tracking news and a collection of other big news. We’ve condensed the hottest topics in smartphones, tablets and notebooks into this post so you can get caught up before the weekend. Perhaps one of the biggest stories this week was the iPhone tracking story which our own Warner Crocker […]

How to Find an Electronics Recycler Near You – Earth Day

best buy ewaste

With Earth Day around the corner, we wanted to share a few easy ways to find an electronics recycler near you. By this time, you are likely familiar with online gadget recyclers like which will pay you for old electronics, but sometimes you just want to take some old gear to a local place for recycling. We’ve rounded up […]

Sprint Announcing Eco-Friendly ‘Green’ Android Phone On April 15th

Samsung Replenish

Sprint is reportedly going to be announcing a new Android device called the Samsung Replenish on April 15th, a device that is going to be ‘green’ in some shape or fashion. The April 15th release date would put the phone on the shelves just in time for Earth Day 2011 on April 22nd. While there isn’t much […]