How to Avoid Paying Too Much for Gadgets on eBay

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eBay is a great place to get a great deal on used electronics, but you have to be smart and keep an eye on what you’re buying and how much you’re paying for it. Since you can’t actually see and feel the product you’re buying, you have to rely on the third parties that are […]

Amazon Prime Air Drone Delivery Is a ‘Fantasy,’ Says eBay CEO


Amazon has been the center of attention ever since the company unveiled its plans to deliver small packages to local households within 30 minutes using drones. The company calls it Amazon Prime Air, and UPS even says it’s experimenting with a similar drone delivery service. However, eBay CEO John Donahue really isn’t a big fan, […]

The iPhone Gold Rush: Gold iPhone 5s Fetches $10k at Auction


Scarcity behind the gold model of Apple’s iPhone 5s is driving up prices on the second-hand market as Apple tries to meet demand through its own retail channels. Lucky buyers who were able to snatch the gold model of Apple’s latest flagship smartphone are now finding that they can make quite a profit by selling […]

Gold iPhone 5s Selling for Thousands on eBay

The gold iPhone 5S is in short supply.

Apple released the iPhone 5s today to much fanfare; so much, in fact, that the gold version sold out within minutes on Apple’s website, and only Apple Store locations had most of the supply, leaving carriers and retailers left out to dry as far as receiving any gold models. However, you can still grab a […]

iPhone 5s Selling for Nearly Twice as Much on eBay

iphone5s-selection-hero-2013 copy

As expected, eBayers are posting up “guaranteed” pre-orders of the iPhone 5s. Since Apple isn’t actually offering pre-orders for the new flagship device, consumers will have to wait in line in order to grab their own unit. However, some users are willing to pay a premium to get an iPhone 5s without waiting in line […]

Ebay Exact Makes It Easy To Buy Custom 3D Printed iPhone Cases

Ebay Exact

A new iPhone app from Ebay makes it easy for users to buy 3D printed iPhone case and trinkets without buying an expensive 3D printer. The new Ebay Exact iPhone app lets users buy 3D printed items from various sellers easily, items they’d have to spend hundreds of dollars on a 3D printer to make […]

100 iPhone Apps to Supercharge Your New iPhone


Here’s a list of 113 iPhone apps that will help you have fun, take better photos, be productive, manage a business or personal finances, chase storms (or avoid them) and much more. Like many of you, I am attached to my iPhone. Not only am I an automotive technology writer for this site, but I […]

HTC One Nexus & Galaxy S4 Nexus Pre-Orders Aren’t Worth It

The Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Edition is said to be getting Android 4.3 in July.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 Nexus and HTC One Nexus have gone up for pre-order on eBay ahead of their arrival on the Google Play Store later this month. However, those in the market for the Galaxy S4 Google Edition or HTC One Google Edition should hold onto their money and simply wait for them to […]

iPad 4 Deal Cuts $30 Off Price at eBay, iPad 2 Sale too


The iPad 4 is $30 off at eBay today only as part of a collection of Apple deals that include the iPad 2 and other new Apple gadgets on the Daily Deals portion of the auction site. As part of the daily deal Ebay is selling the iPad 4 for $469.99, which is $30 less than […]

Nexus 4 Sales Face iPhone-like eBay Limits


Online auction site eBay wants its sellers to put the Nexus 4 on sale, but there are some restrictions on how many devices each user can sell. eBay sees that there is a lot of demand for the Nexus 4, but it wants to make sure that sellers aren’t abusing the auction site. To prevent […]

How to Sell Your Old iPad

ipad mini

Apple stunned attendees by announcing, not only a new iPad Mini but also a refreshed iPad with a faster processor, Lightning connector and Sprint availability. People who own the third generation iPad may feel slighted now that their iPad is out of date, just six months after release. But savvy users can sell their old […]

Official Google Nexus 7 Cases Already Going for $100 on eBay

Official Google Nexus 7 case

The Google Nexus 7 is so popular that even the official cases are selling for well over retail on eBay. While Google and Asus are scrambling to produce more Nexus 7 tablets, those who already have them are trying to get a hold of the official case before Google starts selling it. Google has the […]

Original Apple iPad 1 Prototype With Dual Dock Connectors Hits eBay


The mythical and elusive iPad with dual dock connectors was recently spotted on an eBay auction showing off both the standard portrait-oriented dock connector as well as a secondary landscape-oriented dock connector. The dual dock connectors would make it easy for users to charge and dock their iOS slate in any orientation that they use […]

Where To Buy The HTC One X Online During Customs Delay

AT&T HTC One X Gets Easy Root Method

With Customs holding the HTC One X, finding it anywhere is difficult. AT&T released the One X on May 6, and there’s still a few retailers that have some in stock to sell. Unfortunately, potential buyers that want the white version of the HTC One X will have to try their luck in stores, as we […]

Watch Out for “New” iPad Scams on eBay and Craigslist

new ipad vs ipad 2 box

The new iPad is in short supply at local stores and online at Apple , where you will have to wait 2-3 weeks for a new iPad. The shortages and waiting means that many users will turn to eBay or Craigslist to buy a new iPad faster, even if it means paying more than retail. […]

Somebody is Selling a new iPad on eBay for $2,000

new iPad on eBay

The new iPad is already up for pre-order, but if you don’t want to deal with Apple’ wonky servers you can pay the extra money to get one from eBay. An enterprising eBay user is already selling the new iPad for $2,000. Technically the user bigreat is selling an “iPad Three,” but it’s the new […]

Sell Your iPad 2 on eBay Like a Pro to Buy the iPad 3

iPad 3

With the iPad 3 release date pegged for the middle of March, you might already be thinking about selling your iPad 2 to upgrade to the new iPad 3. If you are even considering selling your iPad or iPad 2, now’s the time to get started because prices will soon be dropping faster than a […]

HP Board Considering Ousting Apotheker and Possibly Hiring Meg Whitman?


Bloomberg is reporting that HP’s Board of Directors is panning to meet to consider ousting CEO Leo “we don’t need no stinking hardware” Apotheker. Speculation is also that HP’s board may be looking at hiring former eBay CEO Meg Whitman, at least on a temporary basis. Whitman is a member of HP’s Board. Apparently there […]

The Best Time To Sell Your iPhone 4 For the iPhone 5 is…

NextWorth - iPhone Price Decline

When is the best time to sell my old iPhone? That’s a question I hear almost every day as the iPhone 5 launch looms. With a number of iPhone 3Gs and iPhone 4 owners looking for the best price, we spoke to NextWorth to find out when you should sell your iPhone. As it turns […]