Pictures of Google’s eBook Apps Appear


The news isn’t really news anymore, but Google is bent on launching its Google eBookStore and soon from what we’re hearing. The Technologizer has gotten an early look at the Apps Google will make available for Android, the iPhone, and the iPad. That report also says that there won’t be dedicated Apps for desktops and […]

Amazon Finally Makes eBooks Giftable

Amazon.com_ Give Kindle Books

Well it took long enough. As an avid eBook reader one of my frustrations with Amazon, which is my eBook source of choice, was that you couldn’t gift an eBook purchase. Sure you could send someone an Amazon gift card or certificate and then they could purchase what they wanted, but what’s the point of […]

Will The Nook Color Compete as an Android Tablet?


Gizmodo has a report that says the newly announced Nook Color eBook Reader that is Android 2.1 at its core might actually have what it takes to be a Tablet/Slate. The key here is what you use a Tablet/Slate for. But then that’s the key for all of these iPad wannabes and the iPad itself. […]

Amazon Opens Up Kindle for the Web No App Required

Kindle for the Web

More interesting Amazon news this morning. Amazon is announcing Kindle for the Web, which will allow you to read a sample chapter of a book in your browser, no App of any kind required. In addition to allowing users to read the sample chapter, you can then go and purchase the book. But then you […]

eBook Beach Reading


My lovely wife and I took a much needed few days off and headed to visit family at York Beach, Maine earlier this week. We only had a couple of days to relax and even though we’re both up to our ears in work, we decided not to take any computers along with us. Well, […]

Is the Paperback Era Coming to an End?


Amazon already sells more eBooks than hardcover books and is predicting that it will sell more digital books than paperbacks by the end of next year. That’s a pretty bold prediction, but not all that surprising considering how easy it is to buy books on so many devices. Is 2011 really going to mark the […]

Amazon to Add Video and Audio to iDevice Apps

Amazon.com_ Kindle Editions with Audio-Video

Amazon is adding audio and video to its Kindle App for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. As of this writing the new version doesn’t appear to be in the App Store, but there are several book titles that take advantage of the new features available for purchase. Some of these include Rose’s Heavenly Cakes […]

Barnes & Noble Plays Catch up with iPad App


One thing you can say about reading books on the iPad, you have some choice available to you as to what platform you want to read from. Obviously there is Apple’s iBooks reader and store, and I think everyone was pleasantly surprised when Amazon had its Kindle App available for that platform at the US […]

Companies Aiming for Color and 3D for eBook Readers


Some have summarily dismissed stand alone eBook readers as headed for the recycle bin now that the iPad has begun the Tablet/Slate revolution. To some I guess that makes sense. Why have a stand alone device that reads only in black and white when you can read those same eBooks in color on a device […]

Entourage eDGe Reviewed


For those who absolutely want to hear some other kind of Tablet/slate/eBook news other than the iPad, here’s one for you. CrunchGear has posted a review of the enTourage eDGe dual screen device that “defies classification” with its eInk screen opposite its Android powered Netbook. This device is one that many have their eyes on […]

GBM InkShow: New Convertible Classmate PC


Intel’s Kapil Wadhera was kind enough to get on camera and walk me through the second generation convertible  Classmate PC. There are some significant improvements that will hopefully move more schools away from the clamshell Classmate PC and towards the convertible.  Having the inking and touch capabilities in the classroom makes a heck of a […]

The Entourage eDGe Takes Some Knocks in Review


The Entourage eDGe is taking some knocks in this early review from Laptop Mag. The dual screen eBook Reader with an active digitizer that runs Android certainly has our attention here at GBM as well, given the fact that one can use digital Ink. The essence of the review is that the eDGe isn’t ready […]

enTourage eDGe Delayed and Prices Bumped

enTourage eDGe™ Store - enTourage eDGe

The enTourage eDGe eBook Reader/Netbook combo is going to be delaying shipping by a month and looks like it has a slight price bump as well. Shipping is now listed as March 2010, which backs it up about a month. The price for a Midnight Blue colored version is now $499 up slightly from $490. […]

Amazon Releases Kindle App for Blackberry


Blackberry owners who have been wishing to get in on the eBook craze via Amazon’s Kindle store can now do so. Amazon has released a free Kindle App for some of the Blackberry mobiles. So far the Bold, Tour, Curve, and Storm lines are supported. As with the iPhone Kindle App, users can browse, read, […]