Amazon Removes Macmillan Books from Store: eBook Wars Begin


That didn’t take long. In the video that Xavier posted yesterday featuring Walt Mossberg talking with Steve Jobs after the iPad announcement, Mossberg asked Jobs about the price of eBooks in the iBook Store. His question focused on the announced $14.99 price vs. Amazon’s $9.99. Jobs answered with a cryptic comment that the prices will […]

eBook Readers Strike Back at Publishers Trying to Maximize Profits


There’s no question eBook reading is on the rise and as is the case with just about every segment of the media consumption game, those who control the content are getting nervous about their bottom line and profits. Random House and other publishers are trying to hang on to their existing publishing revenue streams (hardcover, […]

Skiff eBook Reader Promises Big Content


One of the recurring themes that will undoubtedly come out of CES2010 is eBook Readers, or maybe we should start calling them eContent readers. The Skiff eBook Reader is certainly a reason to raise that question. Yes, it will read eBooks, yes, it has always on connectivity (Sprint at launch) but it is also a […]

Borders Joins eBook Wars by Partnering with Kobo


Everybody into the pool! Borders has jumped into the eBook wars by partnering up with Kobo, a spinoff from Indigo Books & Music, a Canadian publishing company. And yes, they are planning an eBook reading device, along with applications that allow readers to access books via the most popular smartphones initially offering 1.8 million free […]

Entourage eDGe Dual Screen eBook Reader on Video

Hands-on with the Entourage Edge | Beyond Binary - CNET News

CNet’s Ina Fried went hands on with the intriguing dual screen Entourage eDGe eBook Reader and put up some video of her experience. She says it is still a bit rough around the edges given that she’s looking at a pre-production unit of a version 1 product. According to Fried the company’s goal for the […]

Predictions 2010: Warner’s Take

I’ve just finished dusting off my crystal ball and the psychic I hired just left my office, so I guess I’m ready to make my predictions for 2010. I fared pretty well on my 2009 predictions, but that doesn’t mean much of anything going forward.  One thing for sure is I think 2010 is going […]

Santa Sent Me a Kindle


Well that was a pleasant surprise. All geeks know that waiting for a package to arrive is akin to Christmas morning any time of the year. But when one arrives that you aren’t expecting it is truly a delight. Well that happened this morning. A package arrived addressed to me from Amazon and low and […]

Nook Reviews Popping Up

For those interested in the Barnes & Noble Nook eBook reader quite a few reviews  have popped out this morning. Most seem to verify some info that Sumocat posted over the weekend. The reviewers seem impressed with the hardware and the dual screen operation but seem to be finding the eInk screen slow and the […]

Have a Need for Speed Reading? There’s an App For That


Worried about how you’re going to find the time to read all those new eBooks that you’re planning on consuming now that eBook reading is becoming all the rage? If you’d like to learn the skill of speed reading there’s an app for that on the iPhone. QuickReader supposedly provides you with the training necessary […]

Mobile Tech Thanksgiving


Our annual Thanksgiving Day celebration is always a whirlwind coming as a brief day off between days of dress rehearsals for the annual Christmas show we open this Sunday at Wayside Theatre, I’m typically the only geek doing anything geeky. That changed this year. At various points this holiday, my kin all whipped out various […]

Amazon Releases Kindle Reader for PCs


Amazon has pulled the covers off its Kindle Reader for PCs. It is now available for download here. In very early testing, it works completely as advertised and on a touch screen device it is a real pleasure to use.  The UI is completely unassuming and takes you from book selection to text and that’s […]

Trouble in eBook Reader Land: Spring Design Sues Barnes & Noble


Just when it seemed like everyone was all gushy about rolling out more eBook Readers than we can count, a legal battle looms. Spring Design, the makers of the Alex, is filing a trade secret lawsuit against  Barnes & Noble over the design of the Nook. Spring Design claims that Barnes and Noble basically took […]

Mobile Conundrum: One Device or Multiple Devices?


The quest for a “one device to rule them all” probably still exists for many who like to consume or create their data on the go. I have to admit, it still does for me. But, with the coming wave of eBook readers, multi-touch PMPs, the rebirth of UMPCs, and other small mobile devices, it […]

Microsoft Shows Off Kindle Reader App for Windows 7


No real details on this at the moment as I’m busy with a project at my real job, but I saw this fly by on Twitter from Stephen Hughes. At the Windows Launch Event in NYC, Microsoft is showing off a Kindle Reader app designed for Windows 7 and touch. Here’s the picture and more […]

SpringBoard’s Alex on Video

Dual screen eBook Readers are all the rage given yesterday’s release of the Barnes & Noble Nook. SpringBoard has been making some noise about its dual screen reader running Android as well (top is an e-Ink reader, bottom allows you to access media, content, etc…). From the looks of this YouTube video The SpringBoard Alex […]

The ‘Nook’ at Best Buy?

You have to wonder about the folks behind the Barnes & Noble Nook e-Book reader. First comes word that they will announce the device today, on a day that Apple sucks all the oxygen out of the air. And now comes word via Engadget that it might be available at Best Buy on Thursday. That […]

Wall Street Journal Outs Barnes and Noble eReader: The Nook


The Wall St. Journal is saying that the Barnes and Noble eBook Reader we’ve been seeing so much about lately will be released tomorrow at a price of $259. The two screen device (an e-ink screen for reading, and a color touch screen for navigation and media) will be called The Nook. You’ll also be […]

Plastic Logic’s e-Reader Teases Some More


What is it with these thin devices being shown off in pictures and with reps holding them? Do these manufacturers just want to continue to tease without end? Crazy thing is it works. With all the focus on e-Book readers we’ve been seeing, Plastic Logic wants to keep their reader in the forefront of our […]

Spring Design Alex e-Book Reader


Remember the Barnes & Noble dual screen e-Book Reader I posted about last week? While there is no mention of B&N affiliation the Spring Design Alex sure looks like it would fill that bill. The Alex has two screens: a 6 inch e-ink display and a 3.5 inch color touchscreen for navigation and multimedia display. […]

Barnes & Noble eBook Reader to be Announced Today


Today will see the official unveiling of the Barnes & Noble eBook Reader. Speculation has been rampant. We’ve heard that it will have a color screen, we’ve heard it won’t. We’ve heard all sorts of things. Gizmodo has some pictures and says that it will kinda, sorta, be both. According to their report it will […]