Eco-Mobius is a Prototype Modular and Hardware-Upgradeable Phone from ZTE


ZTE is chasing after Motorola’s modular Project Ara offering with its own prototype at the Consumer Electronics Show called the Eco-Mobius. At its core, the Eco-Mobius breaks down the phone’s internal hardware components into separare parts, or modules, so the end user can upgrade the parts that they want over time so that the phone […]

Disposable Computers Become the Trend for Apple


In recent years, Apple has made eco-friendliness the meme behind its design decisions, highlighting the use of highly recyclable materials such as metal and glass. However, the messaging isn’t without caveats as power users who find themselves outgrowing their purchases year after year may have to part with their purchases, rather than being offered a […]

Samsung Offers Cash For Your Old Phone If You Switch to Galaxy

Screen Shot 2012-08-05 at 9.11.46 PM

Samsung announced on its Facebook page that it would buy customer’s old phones and pay cash as an incentive for new users to switch to the company’s Galaxy line of Android smartphones. Leading Samsung’s Galaxy lineup is its flagship Galaxy S III smartphone, which is available worldwide and is available on all major U.S. carriers, […]

What Smartphone Manufacturers Can Learn From Ford Motor Co.


While automotive and smartphone industries seem like separate entities with few common shared spaces except for infotainment synchronization with phones, there are lots of advancements in materials research at Ford Motor Company that could be applied to smartphones. One of the key areas that Ford is pushing forward is eco-friendly, and the company has marked […]

Eco-Friendly Samsung Exhilarate Hits AT&T on June 10

Eco-Friendly Samsung Exhilarate Hits AT&T on June 10

The eco-friendly Samsung Exhilarate smartphone will be hitting AT&T’s 4G LTE network on June 10th for a mere $49.99 with the signing of a new two-year contract. First announced at CES 2012 in January, AT&T’ Samsung Exhilarate will be a mid-range device that will appeal to those that want a smartphone with sustainable features. It’s […]

Sprint Announces Eco-Friendly LG Optimus Elite Ahead of Earth Day


Ahead of Earth Day, Sprint has announced that it will be bringing the LG Optimus Elite mid-range Android smartphone to the masses starting on April 22nd. The handset boasts solid specs for a mid-range number, along with environmentally build materials, such as a shell that’s made from 50 percent recycled plastics and a phone that’s […]

Apple Awarded Patent for Hydrogen Fuel Power on Mobile Devices


Apple was recently awarded a patent for hydrogen fuel technology on mobile devices. Thought the patent award gives Apple an early advantage and lead in the space, it’s unclear when and if this technology will make it into smaller mobile devices from Apple or other manufacturers, including the company’s MacBook Air and Pro line of […]

Samsung Replenish Green Phone Gets Raspberry Pink Option on Sprint


The Samsung Replenish, heralded by U.S. carrier Sprint as the nation’s first environmentally friendly Android smartphone, will be getting another color option in the form of Raspberry Pink come July 24th. Currently available in Onyx Black and Arctic Blue, the Replenish is made from recycled plastics and come with eco-friendly packaging. There is an optional […]

Eco-Talk: Android for Good at Google I/O Helps Users Recycle Android Phones


Google is asking attendees of its Google I/O conference to bring in old unlocked Android smartphones in working conditions to donate to the Android for Good program, which will clean up your phone and send it to someone in a developing country. As I/O is geared towards geeky developers–who may constantly upgrade to the newest […]

Eco-Talk: Are You Carrying Hazardous Waste in Your Pocket?


How important is it to turn in your old cellular phone for recycling? How does your mobile phone usage and behavior impact the world at large? And are you aware that you are in fact carrying hazardous waste everyday in your pocket, purse, or bag? These were some of the questions that were asked, answered, […]

Sprint Adds a Touch of Green to Android with Samsung Replenish


In San Francisco, California at the Climate One discussion, Sprint CEO Dan Hesse unveiled Sprint’s latest eco-friendly efforts in the form of the Samsung Replenish, an eco-conscious Android smartphone. While the phone is touted as environmentally friendly, it doesn’t skimp on specs and the Samsung Replenish should be able to take on messaging devices with […]